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Is This Dyson Dryer Really Worth the Hype?

Dyson Hair Dryer Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Jen Atkin

Sir James Dyson’s brain child has a new sibling, and her name is Supersonic. Neither a vacuum nor a fan, nope—Supersonic is Dyson’s first ever hair dryer. The British company, whose range of products was until now limited to the home, just showed up to the beauty industry—Dyson’s late to the party, but oh so fashionably late.

The newcomer received a fuzzy welcome from the world and, aside from it being the haute-est hair dryer we’ve ever laid eyes on, we had to wonder why. A little research later, and we’re already counting down the days until the $399 dryer’s official launch in September 2016. Here’s why: We worship dryers to no end for their ability to create the foundation of all the sick hairstyles we wear. Sorta like Jay sang to Bey—all we need in this life of sin is our hair dryer. We’re needy for them, hell yes we are, but the heat damage our strands suffer is no chill—hence our love-hate relationship. That’s where Supersonic comes to the rescue.

The dryer, which 600 prototypes preceded, features three speed settings and four heat settings. Cool, you’re thinking, NBD. Now, try wrapping your head around the fact that Dyson dropped some fat cash—$71 million to be exact—on this hella high-tech gadget. So where’d a pretty penny like that get Supersonic? Answer: The ability to measure air temperature every 20 seconds, keeping temperature in check. Supersonic’s superpower—drying without the risk of heat damage—got us gasping for a minute.

The brand named founder of Mane Addicts and Ouai, Jen Atkin, the dryer’s official ambassador. Obvious, don’t you think? A revolutionary product could only be repped by an equally revolutionary figure in the industry. About the dryer, Atkin told Allure, “Honestly, it’s so good, I was really bummed I didn’t design it myself.”

We have a feeling…na, scratch that—we know that the Dyson dryer is going to end the love-hate relationship we have with our hair dryers. Because a lightweight, hella fine hair dryer with technology turnt enough to not damage our tresses is a mane must-have in our book.

Dyson Hair Dryer

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