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5 E-Girl Hairstyles That Are Taking Over Social Media This Summer

E-girls have been around for about a decade, but the aesthetic is a mainstay on TikTok, especially. And right now, the e-girl hairstyles of summer are majorly all the rage.

The looks are characterized by bold colors, but the ladies who rock them are meant to still give off an air of innocence with their appearance. Billie Eilish and Doja Cat are among the notable celebs who sport the e-girl style.

Curious to the give the trend a go? Below are five e-girl hairstyles of summer 2021, according to Instagram.

1. Bold Money Piece

E-girls are known for rocking bold-hued front pieces that typically contrast with the base color of the mane. So, much unlike the money piece trend for the average person, you won’t see an e-girl with a brown base and honey-blonde money piece highlights, for example.

2. Skunk Strands

Skunk streaks have extended outside of just e-girl culture, but they’re definitely a prominent style in that scene.

3. Half and Half Hair

Calling all Geminis! Why sport one hue when you can have two? This roundup of e-girl hairstyles for summer wouldn’t be complete with an opt for the best of both worlds, often with black or brown contrasting with a much more vibrant shade.

4. Pastels on End

When it comes to e-girl hairstyles of summer, light and bright is very on-brand, so it only makes sense incorporating pastels into their look is common. Their feminine side has never been more prevalent than with these shades.

5. Eye-Level Bangs

Bangs have made quite the return over the last two years, but eye-level bangs in particular have resonated with the e-girls.

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