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Earthy Hair Tones to Channel Your Inner Nature Child This Spring

Did you really do Earth Month right if you didn’t think about a new ‘grounded AF’ ‘do to celebrate? 

The answer, my friend, is no. Bask in the glorious hue inspiration the natural wonders of our world offers by considering one of these shades this spring!

1. Smoky Blonde

Yes, blonde can be a smoky shade and don’t you forget it. It’s basically ash blonde, but make it Earth Day. The touch of brown in this balayage is exactly what you should ask your stylist for to get that subtle, lush vibe.

2. Earthy Brown Babylights

We love a deep brown and it only gets better with a few babylights😍. They add a delicate touch to any shade, but really enhance this chocolate color tenfold. And let’s be real, if chocolate isn’t one of the earth’s greatest gifts to us, we don’t know what is.

3. Honey Blonde 

Nothing says ‘golden hour’ quite like this sweet shade of honey blonde. Not only does this hue scream spring, it also transitions well into summer. Ask your stylist for a warm, brassy blonde blend. Can you say epic color melt!?

4. Copper Sunset

Light it up this month with a bold shade like copper. You’ll look like a true child of nature with this blended shade, there’s no denying it.

5. Dark Brunette Balayage

Tap into the sultry goddess that you are by going ultra dark brunette /almost black. Feeling extra? Ask your stylist to throw in a few lighter highlights for a harmonious, earth-approved shade.

Need more inspo? HERE’s the formula for the perfect, sunny shade of bronde.

2 minutes

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