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Easy Hairstyles for When You’re Growing Out Your Lob

Growing out your lob will either take you to flyaway city or edgy goddess town. Since we know you’re trying to avoid the first stop, we pulled some of the most creative cuts and styles to seamlessly transition out of lobville. From ghost layers to blunt edges, braids, or waves, these are the best hairstyles for when you’re growing out your lob!

Go Ghost

Ghost layers are the perf way to grow out any cut, especially a lob. See your stylist every six weeks to shape your hair, which will evolve gradually without drastically changing it up.


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Opt for an Undercut

A soft ’70s-esque undercut brings new life to a grown-out lob and is always on trend.


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Pretty Effortless

This cut is an effortless hairstyle to grow out your lob. Put the emphasis on your front layers and let the rest fall in place.


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Side Swipe

Cut one side of your grown-out lob longer for a sultry, asymmetrical hairstyle.

Let It Grow

Let your lob do its own thing and embrace the badass results of your grown-out strands with this cut.


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Try Texture

Purposely heighten your texture with deliberately frayed edges.

Glamour Wave It

Voluminous waves are an in-between style fail-safe. Your awkward phase has never been more glam.

Braid It

Ease your transition with braids—the possibilities are endless.

Exaggerate Your Curl

Curls conceal. No matter what phase of growth your hair is in, embrace or create curls to do your post lob painlessly.


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