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15 Easy Halloween Hairstyles You Can Recreate With Items You Already Have

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you haven’t picked your costume yet (or maybe a full-on costume isn’t your thing), don’t fret. There are a plethora of hairstyles for Halloween that are easy to create at home, no shopping needed. If you need some inspiration, these cute, easy Halloween hairstyles might just make you want to go all out!

Devil Horns

This super cute, easy Halloween hairstyle doesn’t require much. A minimum of medium-length hair, a few bobby pins, and a strong-hold hairspray can help you recreate this look at home.

Start by sectioning the hair at the front of your head, from just behind the ear up to your part line, on both sides. Using the victory roll technique, take each section and roll the hair back and around your fingers, then pin the roll to your head. For the point, we recommend pulling the top of the roll upward and spraying hairspray as you manipulate it into place. Once the horns are to your liking, blast a bit more hairspray and be on your way. Pair this hairstyle with a little black or red dress for the perfect costume.

’80s Rocker Hair

If you’re already rocking the ever-so-popular mullet, then this Halloween hairstyle will be easy for you. Those with naturally curly hair will have an even easier time with this look, but if your hair is on the straighter side, don’t worry. Pump up the volume of your mullet with a teasing comb and a blast of hairspray. You can make your mane even bigger by blow-drying and styling your hair upside down. Once you’re ready, grab your leather jacket, ripped jeans, and head down to the latest meeting of the Hellfire Club.

The Many Looks of Billie Eilish

If you want to go as Billie for Halloween, you’ve got options. Be it her famous green roots or her spiky black updos and pigtails, many of her hairstyles can be accomplished at home. Even if you don’t have the same color hair, you can pair your Halloween hairstyle with some baggy pants or bike shorts, an oversized tee, and a lot of jewelry to be instantly recognizable.

Marilyn Monroe

Calling all blondes! This look is for you. Marilyn Monroe’s classic hairstyle is perfect for Halloween. If you own a set of hot rollers, or even a large barrel iron and some pins, you recreate this style in under an hour.

Those with short hair simply need to set their rollers and wait. But if you have long hair, be prepared to roll and pin your tresses to create more of a faux bob look. Remember, when curling the hair, roll the sections at the top of your head back and away, whereas the curls around your face should be rolled under.

Witchy and Wavy

Arguably the easiest Halloween hairstyle on this list is this—witchy, wavy hair. An easy hairstyle for All Hallows’ Eve, especially if you happen to have a witch hat at home.

Beware the Bride

Bride of Frankenstein-inspired hairstyles don’t always have to be large and in charge. The small addition of temporary white hair color, or even a couple of blonde clip-in extensions, can give major Bride vibes. All you need for this look beyond the white streaks is a claw clip to keep your hair up in the back. If you have grays, this is the perfect way to utilize them.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who doesn’t own a little black dress and a tiara? Well, most Audrey Hepburn fans do anyway. Lovers of the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s will adore this easy Halloween hairstyle. Simply don a chignon, tiara, a little black dress, and a string of pearls and you are good to go.

Rosie the Riveter

While witchy waves may be easy, this Rosie the Riveter look might be even easier. With no “real” styling required, this Halloween hairstyle only calls for a bandana, updo, and button-up shirt. You can do it!

Harley Quinn Hair

Just because you don’t have two-toned hair doesn’t mean you can’t be Harley Quinn. Temporary spray dye and two pigtails are all you need for this easy Halloween style. Don’t have temporary dye either? Reach for your makeup case. Playing with the pink and blue accents on your face is another way to give off the Harley vibe this Halloween (do go for the pigtails though, they really tie the look together).

Material Girl

The ’80s are back again with this Madonna-inspired Halloween hairstyle. Big volume and an extreme side part are all you need to complete this hair costume. A big white bow, earrings, and a lot of jewelry do help to sell the look, but so long as you keep your hair sky-high, everyone will be living in a material world.

Flapper Fashion

If you’re a fan of 1920s-era fashion and hairstyles, then the flapper costume should be your go-to. Likely, you already own some sort of embellished headband, but if you don’t, making one is easy. After adding a soft wave to your hair and pinning up any extra length, head to your jewelry box. Pinning an over-the-top necklace around the head is another way to recreate this Halloween look.

Leia Buns

The classic Princess Leia buns are immediately recognizable (second only to that gold bikini). Star Wars fans can pair these buns with a flowing white shirt or robe, or their favorite Star Wars shirt for an easy Halloween costume.

’60s Doll

Now, this ’60s-inspired hairstyle looks gorgeous year round, not just at Halloween. Go full ’60s mod to the Halloween party with a perfectly coiffed, beehive-inspired ‘do. For this look, you will need a good teasing comb. After all, the higher the hair the closer to heaven!


First and foremost, this Halloween hairstyle will not necessarily work on everyone. It all depends on what you have on hand at home. But if you have long hair, a wig, or extensions, then Maleficent hair is possible. Creating this style at home may take a little effort, but the end result is worth it.

We recommend creating a form for the inside of your horns using a nylon sock (or the foot of your nylons) and a handful of cotton balls. Fill the nylon with cotton balls and form the shape of a cone, then pin the form to your head. As you wrap your hair around the form and pin, you can also add in pipe cleaners that blend with your hair to create the bent horn look that Maleficent has.

Wednesday Addams

Who doesn’t love Wednesday Addams? She’s forward, she’s honest, she’s everything we all aspire to be…in some ways anyway. Two braids and a collared shirt or dress are all you need to create a basic version of Wednesday’s classic style. Snap, snap!

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