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MANESPIRATION: 5 Holiday Hairstyles Any Girl Can Do

We’ve got a few more weeks of the holiday season before the year is out. End the year in style by rocking a fabulous holiday ‘do. Whether you are going to a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve bash, your hair should always be chic and cheerful! Whether you hair is short or long; curly, wavy, or straight; thick or thin, you can find some serious manespiration with our surefire guide to holiday hair! See below.


simple braid by Justine Marjan

You can’t get more classic than a simple braid. If you’ve got a long mane, go for a low side braid or french braided pigtails. Try a single braided crown for shorter hair.  


sleek top knot

This clean and elegant style works perfect for formal occasions. The look is easy to achieve and can effortlessly be made fuller with the help of extensions. Check out Bun 101 for more helpful tips!


Circle Hair Pin

Get festive with beautiful hair ornaments and decorations! Whether you’re into tinsel or big, bold, and beautiful headbands, you can’t go wrong with holiday hair decor.


brushed pin curls

It seems like it was just yesterday mom was curling our little locks for the family get-together. Now that we’re grown-ups, we can have a bit more fun with our curly styles. Try soft pinned curls for a vintage look or go glam with brushed curls. If your mane is naturally super coily, try a sassy twist-out.


bobby pins updo

Updos may seem complicated but they are the most fun! Most styles are easy to do and allow for much creativity. Super short hair lengths can do tousled and pinned updos with ease. Longer or fuller hair types can create cool and intricate knots. A crafty updo is a definite showstopper at any holiday event! Add decorative bobby pins so you don’t have to worry about hiding them to hold up your style.

What’s your go-to holiday hair style? Let us know in the comments below!

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