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Try These 4 Easy Hairstyles For Prom By Chad Wood!


04 . 18 . 17
Allison McNamara
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Allison McNamara

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Allison McNamara is a writer, producer, host and editor based in Los Angeles. Allison has been reporting on beauty and fashion for over a decade, and also has here own clean skincare line MARA. Keep up-to-date with Allison and her bright red hair on Instagram @allisonmcnamara.
Allison McNamara
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In case you missed it, Dove Cameron is our prom Mane Muse, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to show off the season’s hottest hairstyles for prom. Celebrity stylist, Chad Wood, created four distinctive yet doable looks for our shoot, which you can totally recreate for your own prom night. Seriously! From rocker waves to a high pony pop that even Madonna would be proud of, there’s a look for everyone. Below, check out the easy prom hair how-to videos, along with the step-by-by breakdowns!

Easy prom hair how to videos Chad Wood Dove Cameron Prom Hair(via Aljed Solis)


This look is for the girl who wants to be sweet and edgy at the same time. Pair this hairstyle with something rock and roll, like a strapless sequin number or even a slip dress a la Courtney Love. Sweep your waves to the side with pearl hair pins for a dash of, ‘I swear, I’m sweet.’


  1. Start the rock wave by blow drying hair with a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer with the styling concentrator attachment.
  2. After the hair is fully dry, go through and use a flat iron in one inch sections.
  3. Then spray down the head with Oribe dry texture spray at the root and Ouai texture spray all over.
  4. Use a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer with the styling diffuser attachment on gentle speed with low heat. Start at the ends up and just shrink up the hair.
  5. Add Chloe + Isabel Pearl Pin trio to one side.



Sleek and snatched, just how we like our high ponys! The slicked back pony is having a total moment, and can really pair with any dress you plan on wearing for prom night. Our advice: the higher the pony the closer to (hair) heaven. 


  1. Place hair in a super tight high pony.
  2. Secure pony with an s-hook pin.
  3. Start with the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer on gentle speed with low heat to smooth out the base of the hair and to make sure everything is smooth and tight with Aerogel styling hairspray.
  4. Use weffs of hair and wrap them around the base of the ponytail, secure them with bobby pins. 
  5. Zip tie from the base, up, until mid-shaft of the hair. 
  6. Take Remy Hair that’s pre-braided into a fishtail braid.  Wrap that around the base and secure it with bobby pins.
  7. Mess it up. Peace it out. Rock it out.


For the girl who wants to play up her dainty, pair a pretty Scunci ribbon with an anything-but-traditional updo. For a hairstyle like this, it’s all in the darling details–just look at that spinal braid.


  1. Start with an overhand braid at the nape of the neck, working your way all the way to the top.
  2. Roll the braid into itself and secure it with a bobby pin.
  3. Tease and backcomb the entire base of the front using a Sheila Stotts brush. Make it super secure and really big.
  4. Then, use a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer on gentle speed with low heat. The styler helps concentrate and helps shape sections one at a time, without disturbing the rest of the hair.
  5. Once you achieve the desired look, start molding. Roll the hair into itself again.
  6. Use bobby pins it to secure it into your desired shape.
  7. Use a black Scunci ribbon to create a cool waved look in front.


LBH, you’ve gotta be cool to rock a micro bang to prom. That being said, this ‘do is perfect for the girl who wants a less conventional–and most definitely memorable–look for prom. 


  1. Wet the entire base and brush it up with a Mason Pearson and pull the hair into a super high pony.
  2. Blow dry it to secure the base and set the Aerogel styling hairspray.
  3. Spray and shape it to be very smooth.
  4. Shape the hair back on itself and then cut the leather strings.
  5. Use strong hold hairspray for and then set it with a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer on gentle speed with low heat so it secures everything and heats up the hairspray so it really stays.
  6. Pre-cut your micro bangs and clip them in the front.


Which of these easy prom hair how-to videos will you try? Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more prom inspo!


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