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The Easiest Way to Store and Style Your Extensions

Anyone who’s ever had extensions knows that keeping them organized and tangle-free can be a job in itself. Then add in styling and, yes, washing them and you’ve probably gotten yourself into a big ‘ol extension catastrophe. Extensions are expensive and they are also a major pain in the ass. And even though they probably drive you mad, they cost a pretty penny so you better take really good care of them!

Enter, the hair works caddy ($25)–the answer for tangle-free tresses wherever you go. The hair works 4-in-1 caddy does it all, seriously. It securely holds your extensions in place while you wash and style, and provides an easy way to store and pack them, which is great for stylists on the go, or even if you’re traveling and want to bring your extensions along!

Each caddy can hold multiple extensions and has a easy-to-use suction cup so the caddy sticks to just about every surface. When it comes to washing your extensions, the caddy has a unique vent that allows your extensions to air dry naturally so you don’t have to worry about them drying funny or having a moldy, musky smell.

A post shared by Hair Works (@hairworkscaddy) on

A post shared by Hair Works (@hairworkscaddy) on

The caddy also makes it super simple to curl your long, lovely strands. The suction cup allows you to curl, style or straighten your extensions without hassle which is genius! This makes them easy to style no matter where you are and provides enough tension so you can get a good curl.

A post shared by Hair Works (@hairworkscaddy) on

A post shared by Hair Works (@hairworkscaddy) on

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