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Easy Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Summer means events. Parties, get-togethers, nights out, and lots of weddings. With the cost of everything going up and free time being in short supply, not everyone can hit the salon for a professional upstyle. This doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous, wedding-worthy hair. Here are our favorite, easy wedding hairstyles you can do at home, whether you’re a guest, a maid, or a bride!

Keep It Simple, Sleek, and Shiny

You can’t go wrong with sleek, simple, and shiny. The versatility of a sleek updo is what makes this hairstyle so easy. You can pull it back into a bun, a pony, or a braid. Keep it high or low, and leave out face framers or not—it’s totally up to you.

The key to keeping this hairstyle wedding friendly is making sure it is as sleek as possible. Focus on combing down flyaways and don’t be afraid of product. Using a styling gel or cream while prepping your look will make your strands extra shiny, and a good blast of hairspray at the end will keep your style in place. We really love this look with a hard center part as well. It creates a simple symmetry on the face that will complement any outfit or jewelry you might be wearing.

Go Glamorous With Hollywood Waves

Big, romantic waves are an easy, voluminous style that will fit in at any type of wedding. To get the most glamour at home, all you need is a curling iron, a few pin curl clips or pins, and a good hairspray.

Start by curling your hair under and pinning each section as your go, until you get to your fringe area. As the rest of your curls cool and set, create a super deep side part. A deep part will create a lot of volume around the forehead which is key to creating this look. Curl the hair above the forehead back and away from your face, then pin, set, and mist everything with a good blast of hairspray. Once your curls have completely cooled, slowly pull out the pins. When you get to your forehead area, focus on pulling those curls out in a backward motion. No matter how your curls have turned out, if you keep the deep side part and set your curls flowing back and away from your face (think like an ocean wave), you’re going to look good.

Straight and Centered

Sleek is very in, so a super straight, hard center-parted style is a fail-proof style option. To get your hair as smooth, straight, and centered at home, start with somewhat clean hair, a flat iron, and a heat protectant. Apply your protectant products, mist, or cream, and comb through as thoroughly as possible. Adding a few drops of hair oil to your mid-lengths and ends before (and after) ironing will help your hair maintain its shine.

When your iron is ready, start at the nape of your neck and pull half to quarter-inch sections. Follow this through your entire head and you will achieve the straightest, smoothest hair you have ever seen. Run a bit more oil through at the end, and a soft mist of hairspray to lock in your style without it feeling crunchy.

Try a Party Worthy Pony

A party pony is easier than it looks. You literally need purposely messy hair for this style, and how simple is that? Start by curling or flat iron curling your hair in every direction with no rhyme or reason. The only place you will need to pay extra attention to is around the face, depending on your personal part preference, and if you like face framers or not.

Once your hair is curled (or crimped) grab a rat tail comb and a can of hairspray. Tease your hair starting at the top of your crown and down the back of the head, just above the ears. Comb and smooth out the surface a bit as you start pulling your hair back. Using an elastic of your choice, simply pull it into a ponytail and push up (the “push” helps create and secure volume). Secure the underside of the elastic with some tiny jaw clips or a few bobby pins. From there, simply wrap a piece of your pony around the elastic and secure it with another pin. Tease the ponytail a bit from underneath and blast everything with hairspray.

Keep It Half-Up Half-Down

The half-up half-down is another shockingly easy wedding hairstyle that works well with a tousled, purposely messy finish. All you need is the iron of your choice, a comb, some pins, an elastic, and some hairspray. As always, start by curling, crimping, or putting whatever texture into your hair that you desire.

Once you’ve covered your head in coils or crimps, bust out your comb. Like the party pony, you are going to tease the hair at the top of your crown, following down the back of the head, but just slightly this time. Half-up half-down styles look best when you pull the hair up starting at the ears, following up towards the top of your crown (just below where you teased). Now, this part is up to you. You can pony it, bun it, wrap a bit of loose hair around the elastic, or make a little braid—the choice is yours. Just be sure to secure it with pins and a good mist of hairspray once complete.

Are you a bride still struggling to decide on wedding hair? HERE is our wedding hair inspiration for every type of bride!

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