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Eat These 5 Superfoods For Happy, Healthy Hair

It’s no secret that superfoods are great for your body, but did you know there are specific superfoods for healthy hair? In some cultural and spiritual belief systems, hair is given a superlative status and believed to be an antenna that radiates energy and absorbs the vibes around you. Worshiping your tresses not only elevates your mood but also increases your vibrations. Pocket that little bit of info next time you need an excuse to get a blow-out or splurge on superfoods that will turn your hair into a shining heavenly halo. Although, who really needs an excuse for that? Below, five superfoods for healthy hair that will get your locks to Angel-status.

Superfoods for healthy hair salmon goji berries chia seeds


Hydrated and luscious. Those two little words are the dream when it comes to hair. By adding salmon to your diet you’ll be one step closer to living the dream. Adding a few servings of wild-caught salmon into your salad routine every week can infuse your bod with hair-growing biotin, cuticle-pumping protein and strand-smoothing fats. Plus, it’s good for your brain and heart! 


These medicinal and magical berries come from China, a country renowned for its knowledge of nutritional science and holistic beauty. These tart and bitter red berries contain a plethora of trace minerals that are rich in vitamin C and synthesize the collagen necessary for hair growth.


Honey was considered to be a liquid fountain of youth for the ancient Egyptians. It makes sense considering the curative and healing properties of bee pollen. Bee pollen contains l-Cysteine, an amino acid that may decrease hair loss, and propolis, which helps hair grow. It also helps with allergies, mood and even your skin.


Superfood powerhouses full of plant based protein chia seeds are one of nature’s best sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of essential omega-3 fatty acid that has many important functions in the human body. A deficiency in alpha linolenic acid and its ‘cousin’ linoleic acid has been associated with hair loss and scaly skin. Pop some in a smoothie, on your breakfast, or make a chia pot part of your beauty diet routine as a snack that will make your body glow from head-to-toe.


Yummy hair products are sometimes scented with acai for a reason; this Brazilian berry and highly-praised superfood does wonders for your hair! Juicy and vibrant, acai is deemed the beauty berry for its potent mixture of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and zinc for locks you can rock on the beaches of Brazil. Just add sun and salt water!

Which of these superfoods for healthy hair is your fave? For more healthy tips, check out The Farah Effect!

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