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5 Eco-Friendly Haircare Brands That Actually Works

eco friendly hair care

You don’t have to look like you have a green thumb to care about the environment. And these days, being eco-friendly has never been more chic. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tried and true natural product lines that actually work and are environmentally guilt free!


Aveda Damage Remedy

Aveda created their plant-based product line with personal and easy to use instructions for every hair type. Our favs include…

  • Smooth infusion: Made to fit all hair types for frizz free hair. Comes in crèmes, masks, and humidity defense products.
  • Be Curly: An entire line of products specifically formulated to give life to your curly locks! Comes in a low lather conditioning wash, Curl Controller (to loosen tight curls), Curl Enhancer (to enhance and tighten curls), and even a four-step curl system kit to achieve the most from all products!
  • Damage Remedy: Restructuring products to help repair and strengthen hair. This is available as a shampoo and conditioner, daily treatment, and weekly intensive.




Davines has devoted their hair care line to sustainable beauty. A large selection of shampoos, conditioners and styling products are packaged in gorgeous recycled bottles. Some of their game changing products are…

  • Alchemic: Color intensifying shampoo and conditioners come in every shade you can imagine. Golden and silver for blondes, copper and red for rich vibrant hues, tobacco for light browns, and chocolate for dark brown to black.
  • Minu” system provides protective care for color treated hair. Comes in shampoos, conditioners, and treatments like the regenerating mask and color intensifying serum.
  • The “Momo” hair potion is a leave on treatment, formulated for all hair types to give weightless hydration and shine. “Momo” also comes in a shampoo and conditioner!




Adapting a vision for healthy hair, Rene Furterer uses a personalized method to treat the scalp and hair through plant extracts and oils. We swear by…

  • Okara active light: A shampoo, conditioner and leave in fluid using natural honey extract to nourish hair and prevent fading and yellowing.
  • Solaire: Made for protecting your mane from the harsh sun exposure and repairing after sun damage. Before sun formula containing KPF protection from UV rays, after sun has repairing ingredients for hair exposed to sun, sea and pool.
  • Curbicia: Purify an oily scalp with eliminating plant-based ingredients. Curbica extract regulates the sebum production in your scalp without having to wash daily!



Paraben, silicone, and cruelty free, Leonor Greyl truly sets the standard for luxury natural hair care. Standouts include…

  • Hair loss treatment collection: This 4 step kit combines products and treatments formulated to encourage hair growth. Including stimulating scalp treatment, daily shampoo, leave in treatment spray, and styling mousse.
  • Bain traitant a la Propolis: A gentle dandruff shampoo formulated for scalp sensitivity and instant relief, added bee propolis aids to prevent further irritation.
  • Huile Secret de Beaute: A multi purpose, organic beauty oil for hair and skin. To be used for all hair types, quickly absorbed to strengthen and beautify hair for a soft and shiny mane!




KEVIN.MURPHY set a standard in the beauty industry by only working with companies who used micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques. Along with ensuring the quality of his products, KEVIN.MURPHY also utilizes packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable! When using their products you can be sure they are made with the highest natural quality. Check out…

  • SHIMMER.SHINEFormulated with baobab seed, and bamboo  extract, this mist is made to revive shine and repair hair. Apply pre or post style for added moisture and glow to your mane! 
  • BODY.MASSThe concentrated nozzle sprays a blend of parsley extract, oleanolic acid, and biotin. Using a technology for eyelash thickening, this formula strengthens hair and helps it to appear thicker and fuller instantly! 
  • ANGEL.WASHRefresh your blonde with the best ingredients for your hair, the angel wash uses rich butters to restore elasticity and bring back shine. It even has its own sun protectant using natural sunflower seed oil to prevent color fade and brassiness.


Do you have a favorite eco-friendly line that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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