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Gummies That Fight Eczema—and Save Your Scalp!

There;sWhether seasonally or year-’round, severely or minimally, many people suffer from eczema. According to the National Eczema Organization, 31.6 million people in the U.S. have the rash-like skin condition in some form. And if you’re one of those people, you know it can affect the scalp, too. Itchiness, burning and flakiness can plague the head if not given proper care.

That’s where Embody‘s SVP Alexis Starling comes to the rescue. While she renamed her latest production of supplements The S.O.S. Gummy (because they’re beneficial for all skin types—and ages!), they were initially geared towards consumers with eczema. Hence, their original name, The Eczema Gummy.

Whether you’re on the hunt for eczema gummies or simply universally useful supplements packed with nutrients, you’ll want to read about this brand new launch, straight from Chung herself!

The S.O.S. Gummy Backstory

“When we were getting ready to launch the Retinol Gummy in June 2020, the stress of launching a brand caught up to our team’s skin,” Starling tells Mane Addicts. “The irritation and itchiness got so bad for me that I couldn’t hold a pen anymore. We started researching holistic methods for supporting itch-free skin. In research, it was realized that I was likely vitamin D deficient and in need of some extra skin barrier love. We hurried off to Sprouts to buy vitamin D, MSM, and EPO supplements just to see what would happen. Within a few weeks, skin looked better and felt healthier with less itch and more smoothness. And that was the beginning of the S.O.S. Gummy!”

The Benefit of Eczema Gummies to the Scalp

“The scalp is an often overlooked part of our skin,” Starling explains. “We often miss it when applying sunscreen, we pile hair styling products on it and we definitely don’t give it as much skincare love as our faces. But the scalp can also experience irritation, dryness, and itchiness. A whole body approach like the S.O.S. Gummy is a great way to give your scalp some love without adding heavy serums or expensive treatments to your routine. What we love about gummy skincare is it works everywhere there’s skin!”

How to Maximize the Gummies’ Benefits

“If you have an itchy or dry scalp, we recommend avoiding common irritants such as sodium laureth sulfate and heavy fragrances,” Starling advises. “We also encourage you to wash your hair less often and wash your pillowcases more often. Try a gentle scalp massage to get blood flowing to that area which can help reduce itching and regulate oil production.”

To top off use of the S.O.S gummies, try one of THESE gentle products to soothe your scalp!

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