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Editor’s Pick: The GLAMbox


Fact: It’s not easy being a beauty junkie.  While you may live for cool packaging, the talk of full sultry textured hair, and travel sized dry shampoos that tuck into your miniature purse; the truth is, where is this all being stored?

If you’re like me and have oodles of product with no space to organize it, behold!!! You’re new best friend… the GlamBox.

These custom made lucite acrylic organizers were designed with this in mind “if you don’t see it you won’t use it.”  Being that that statement basically sums up my entire life, the moment I laid eyes on it I knew it was a major must-have.  Because this is what happens: you see product, you love product, you buy product, you repeat times 10 billion. Then without even realizing it, one day you have cabinets that randomly open because hair products are so heavily piled in that they come pouring out like a miniature beauty landslide.

However, 1/2 parts product hoarder I’m also 1/2 realist which means how much does this GlamBox really hold? So I put it to the test and made a little stop motion vid to prove it.

Turns out the answer is at minimum 51 products. #mindblown


GlamBoxes has graciously given our readers 20% off with the code MANEADDICTS at the checkout!

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