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HOW-TO: Elizabeth Olsen’s Velvet Wrapped Pony by Mark Townsend

Elizabeth Olsen Mark Townsend

Leave it to Elizabeth Olsen to make a ponytail look super chic. For Hollywood Reporter Beauty, Elizabeth Olsen wears a a velvet wrapped 3-tiered ponytail created by Mark Townsend. The perfect look to compliment your holiday attire or a casual day at the office, this look is easier than you think to recreate!

Elizabeth Olsen Mark Townsend

“I’m obsessed with velvet or suede ribbon in the hair this winter!” says Mark. “A quick trip to your local fabric store can transform any basic style to a chic and modern statement. This look was inspired by one of my favorite films and favorites actresses Michelle Pfieffer is Tequila Sunrise.”

Elizabeth Olsen Wrapped Pony

“With Elizabeth Olsen, I sectioned her hair into 3 sections and secured them with elastics to make three separate pony tails. I then wrapped a long velvet ribbon around the pony tails starting from the top and connecting them together as I went down. I used black bobby pins (sprayed with Dove Dry Shampoo for extra grip) to secure as I went along. The result is modern twist on an old holiday staple. Plus it will make your hair look extra long!”

Nailed it! We can’t wait to try this trend on our next night out!

Want to get interesting with your ponytails?! Check out Sascha Breuer’s Woven Pony or Ponytail 101 for the basics.

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