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We’re Blushing Over Elle Fanning’s New Rose Hue

There’s been no shortage of celebs experimenting with color this year, spanning every shade of pretty pink hues from rose gold to cotton candy. But ICYMI, Hollywood’s latest victim of the pink dye trend, actress Elle Fanning has us seeing the world through rose-colored glasses!

Elle Fanning Pink Hair by Jenda Alcorn

Joining A-listers like Kaley Cuoco and Cara Delevigne, celebrity colorist Jenda Alcorn of Ramirez Tran Salon custom-created this perfectly pastel shade with dusty rose undertones. Using a combination of Pravana’s Pastels and Vivids products, Alcorn developed the ultimate flirty hue of the season for the Neon Demon star. We are loving this playfully pink new look!

What do you think of Elle’s mane makeover?!

Which celebrity rocked your fave pink shade so far? Tell us below! 


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