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HOW-TO: Elle Fanning’s Sexy-Sporty Met Gala Ponytail By Jenda Alcorn

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You know what they say? The bigger the hair, the closer to the glam gods. Jenda Alcorn of Ramirez Tran Salon knows the saying all too well, as she transformed Dakota Fanning’s younger sis, Elle’s shoulder-length locks into a sexy-sporty sky-high ponytail for the Met. Our favorite part about it—the blunt cut—gave the ‘do a sugar and spice and everything nice look we’re living for.
Elle Fanning Met Gala 2016 Jenda Alcorn ponytail how to red carpet hair high ponytail sporty ponytail

“The inspiration for the look was a collaboration between Elle, the designer of [Elle’s dress], Thakoon, and myself,” Jenda explains. So how’d the celebrity hairstylist take Elle’s hair from 0 to 100 real quick, you ask? A velcro ponytail extension. Jenda tells us, “I highlighted and colored the ponytail to match Elle’s color perfectly. When I brought it as an option, we tried it on and she fell in love with it! That’s when we knew that was the look. The velcro made it super easy to wrap around with less mess.”  Hear that, short-haired honeys? You can fake a long look like Elle’s IRL too. To find out how, keep scrolling for Jenda’s step-by-step guide.

Elle Fanning Met Gala 2016 high ponytail jenda alcorn thakoon ponytail how to


  1. Begin slicking your hair back with a Mason Pearson brush and spritz Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray to smoothen flyaways and add subtle shine before tying your hair up.
  2. Run over your hair with some Oribe Gel Serum to get a slightly wet look.
  3. Take your Velcro hair piece and with tension, tightly wrap the extension around your pony.
  4. Use a section of hair to wrap around the pony tail base and hide the Velcro piece, using some hair spray for extra security.
  5. Use bobby pins and hair pins to firmly keep in place.
  6. Once everything is comfortably in its place, use a pair of shears to adjust to desired length. 
  7. After placing the ponytail on and wrapping a section of hair around to hide the Velcro, Jenda secured it with hairpins and bobby pins. After done pinning, she cut the pony to give it a more blunt, fresh look.

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