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A Definitive Ranking of Elle Woods’ Most Iconic Hair Moments From ‘Legally Blonde’

There’s no denying Legally Blonde is a classic. The early 2000s movie captured our hearts when it was first released (get ready to feel old) 20 years ago. Yes, it has been 20 years since we first met Elle Woods, Bruiser, and the rest of the incredible cast of characters (sans Warner and Professor Callahan, obvi). To celebrate this timeless flick’s big 2-0, we rounded up our favorite Elle Woods’ hair moments. Oh, and we decided to rank the very best looks to keep it a little more interesting. Curious to know where your fave look lands on our list? Keep on scrolling to find out!

10. Breakup Blowout

The volume. The curls. We adore everything about this hairstyle. It frames her face so well and really highlights her best feature—her signature blonde strands. The only reason it isn’t higher on the list is because she wore it during her breakup with Warner. We’ll never forgive him for that, but at least Elle rose above it all.

Elle Woods hair during her breakup with Warner

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

9. Beanie With Braids

Simple and sophisticated, there’s so much power in this effortless hairstyle. Never forget this was also when Elle really stepped into her own and found the confidence she needed to become a successful lawyer. Maybe wearing this hairstyle will help us do the same in our own life?

Elle Woods wearing her hair in braids with a beanie on top

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

8. Pink Newsboy Cap

We don’t think anyone has ever inspired us to sport a newsboy cap (a pink one, nonetheless) more than Elle. This style was so chic then and still is chic as hell now. Safe to say, Elle never goes out of style.

Elle Woods holding Bruiser and wearing a pink newsboy cap on her head

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

7. Sorority Girl Next Door

A very underrated look of the many Elle sported throughout the film, we’ll never forget this ’90s butterfly clips curls style. Of all the hairstyles she wore, this one is the epitome of her sugary sweet personality. And it’s yet another style we’re seeing all over social media today. We don’t care what anyone else says, Elle is the blueprint.

Elle Woods wearing all pink in a Harvard library in Legally Blonde

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

6. Bend and Snap Sleek

The bend and snap, works every time! And so does this hairstyle. We know it’s a similar style to the one above, but we couldn’t help but include it. This is a hairstyle we constantly strive to achieve, though never pull it off quite like Elle.

Elle Woods performing the Bend and Snap in Legally Blonde

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

5. The ‘What, Like It’s Hard’ Pony

Come on, you knew this ponytail was going to rank somewhere on this list. We utter this iconic phrase at least 12 times a day. The only thing that would make it more impactful is if we wore our hair this way too. The girls aren’t pulling off the ponytail and face framing layers as well as Elle does.

Elle Woods wearing her hair in a ponytail for her first day at Harvard

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

4. Admissions Essay High Ponytail

Another ponytail look? Yes, we couldn’t resist. We dream about this extra high ponytail with loads of volume cascading down the pool float. This exact image is always on our summer mood board year after year. How could it not be? It might be a simple ponytail, but wow is it stunning. Goes to show that sometimes simple is always better.

Elle Woods wearing a high ponytail hairstyle in her Harvard admissions essay video

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

3. With a Flower in Her Hair

Given that Elle is the human embodiment of sunshine, sporting a sunflower in her strands was a great choice. The flower may be what elevates this look, but those coils are flawless on their own. We’d still rank this look just as high even without the flower, because those are some of the most perfect curls we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Elle Woods wearing a sunflower in her hair at the beginning of Legally Blonde

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

2. Harvard Hairdo

Elle gave Malibu Barbie a run for her money with this look. And everyone at Harvard Law too. The bump in the front with the high half-updo in the back? Brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, the list goes on. Her blonde has never looked brighter, might we add?

Elle Woods wearing a half-up half-down hairstyle during her first visit to Harvard in Legally Blonde

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

1. Lawyer But Make It Fashion

Coming in at No. 1, which should come as no surprise, we have the coily middle part look she wore when she became the lawyer she is today. The way her golden mane sits so beautifully on her shoulders and falls perfectly into place is so signature Elle. It is by far our favorite hairstyle she sported throughout the entire film.

Elle Woods lawyer hair in Legally Blonde

(Legally Blonde via MGM Distribution Co.)

Aside from all of these incredible looks, HERE are 18 movie hairstyles we can’t stop thinking about!

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