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7 Embellished Braided Styles We’ll Never Get Over

What’s better than classic braids? Embellished braids. Ultra-accessorized takes on traditional twists and plaits are taking center stage this season. From geometric jewels to beaded hair ties and even seashells, bedazzled braided looks are glitzy, glamorous, and grabbing the attention of celebrities and stylists alike. Blinged-out braids are the ultimate adaptable aesthetic. Go for hot high fashion with all-over accessories, or opt for a more muted mane moment with just a glint of gold. Even the most subtle embellishments take basic braids to the next level. We rounded up seven embellished braided looks we’re dying to try. Check out this stunning trend below.

1. Touch of Gold

Sometimes it’s best to opt for something a little on the subtle side. Simple gold accessories can add the ideal glint of glamour to any plaited ‘do. This gold-laden look is giving us goddess vibes.

2. Three-Strand Braid

This three-strand brad is so simple yet so chic. Made even more stylish with the giant pearls scattered throughout, this classic style is sure to turn heads.

3. Floor-Length Knotless Braids

There’s nothing like these floor-length knotless braids. Embellished with seashells, we’re getting major water goddess vibes from this hairstyle.

4. Half-Updo

This look is all about being playful with your accessories. From the structural updo to the strings of beads woven throughout, stylist Lacy Redway made the embellished braid trend all her own.

5. Braids and Shells

Nothing says summer like the use of seashells. This beach-ready accessory is simple but stunning in the most versatile way, ideal for a casual day sunbathing or an evening shoreside rendezvous.

6. Beaded Bangs

A new way to DIY bangs. We’re over the moon about this beaded aesthetic. Color-coordinated beads and seashells form the face-framing fringe of this shoulder-length set of cornrows.

7. Single Strand

You don’t need to overload accessories to get your point across. Sometimes a simple embellished braid strand really does the trick. Case in point, the below style.

Embellished braids aren’t the only trend we’re loving. We’re obsessed with regal braids, too. Learn all about them HERE!

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