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Here’s How Emily Ratajkowski Is Caring for Her New Blonde

Emily Ratajkowski aka EmRata is what you’d call an iconic brunette.

She’s rarely switched up her brown locks, which grow past her shoulders, are slightly layered, and straight (but with body, and the occasional S-wave).

This classic hairstyle has been one of her integral features – so you can imagine our surprise when we were delivered the breaking news that Em went blonde. Here’s what prompted the decision, and how she’s nurturing her freshly flaxen locks.

Quarantine Makeover

“I’ve never colored my hair or changed the length significantly in my entire life!” says EmRata. “I just celebrated my birthday and am so happy to be coming out of quarantine with a fresh new look. Beauty is meant to be fun and expressive and this is definitely, hands down, the most fun I’ve ever had with my look before.”

This drastic makeover is just another example of a celeb wanting to emerge from quarantine as a different version of themselves – and a lot of planning went into it. “We planned it for so many months and now finally did it!” Rosa Carrico, Global President of Kérastase commented about the surprise look, via Instagram.

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By Tom 🤍

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Blonde Absolu, Absolutely

Designed specifically for blondes, Em’s line of choice (for which she is also an ambassador) is Kérastase, specifically the Blond Absolu Collection.

With ingredients designed to tone down brassiness and keep up the blond, the potent formula contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, protective Edelweiss flower and correcting ultraviolet neutralizers for color purity.  “She can get fiber healing and anti-brass actions with Bain Ultra-Violet. Then she treats her hair with Cicaflash to restore sensitized hair and prevent breakage. And last but not least, fortify and protect your hair fiber with Cicaplasme,” shared the brand on Instagram.

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Day 1 as a blondie

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How to Care For Newly Blonde Hair

Here’s how EmRata will be taking care of her all-over golden strands, until the next big change.

Step 1: Suds up

Hydrating shampoo, Bain Lumière, creates a transparent gel on bleached hair that creates shine and doubles as a detoxifier.  

Step 2: Control Brassiness

Anyone who has gone blond knows that brass is the ultimate color killer. Bain Ultraviolet, an anti-brass purple shampoo illuminates blond tones while canceling out orange undertones.

Step 3: Fortify

Cicaflash is an intensive fortifying rinse-out treatment – think of it like a mask minus the weight. It’s an everyday protective shield for blonds, that looks like milky lavender.

Step 4: Remember to Mask

Kerastase Blond Absolue Anti-Brass Mask is a must at least once a week. Made with purple pigments for anti-yellowing action, the rich masque penetrates deep into hair fiber to restore hair’s shine.  

Step 5: Prep before styling

Before blow drying or applying any artificial heat, Em will be misting with Cicaplasme, a heat protectant/fortifying serum that protects hair in temperatures of up to 230 degrees.

Step 6: Book a touch-up

EmRata will soon find out that being a blond takes mega maintenance. On her next trip to the stylist, she’ll be treated with In Salon Blond Absolu Booster Cicafibre, a post bleach/color fortifying booster packed with Vitamin E and another way to prevent color oxidation (which is what makes blonds, not blond).

What do you think of Em’s locks?

Whether you love it or hate it, check out how it compares to the other celebs who opted for a quarantine makeover, HERE.

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