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Everything Emily Ratajkowski’s Hairstylist Keeps in Her Kit

With a client roster that includes Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowksi, Salma Hayek and a passport full of stamps to the dreamiest destinations across the globe, Jennifer Yepez is living her best life as a traveling celebrity hairstylist. Curious to know what products and tools help Jennifer fashion glamorous hairstyles for the red carpet and glossy covers alike, we asked to take a peek inside her kit. Here she shows us her favorite hair products, brushes, and beyond.

“I travel a lot, so I take all of my bottles and then place them in a bag that I get from the Container Store. It’s a mesh material and waterproof so if things leak, they don’t get everywhere. I have about four bags of products and two large bags of hair, as well as separate suitcases with wigs and hairpieces.  I put all of my brushes in a bag, my tools all wrapped and in another bag, a pin box and all of my elastics in another small bag, root sprays in another small bag etc. I have everything very organized and labeled. I try to be as minimal as possible because the bag still gets to be about 70lbs.”

Kit Luggage

I use Burton bags. They are durable, can fit a lot and always last. Then, for tools and products I go to the Container Store and get smaller bags that I keep my products and tools in.



Miscellaneous Items



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