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HOW-TO: Emily Weiss’s Low Double Bun


If there’s anyone who’s leading trends in the beauty scene, it’s Glossier’s founder Emily Weiss. Last Thursday, Emily sat on a panel (Top Shelf Live for Into the Gloss) with OUAI Haircare and Mane Addicts’ very own founder Jen Atkin. The conversation moved beyond beauty as the two discussed their journeys to becoming the SHE-E-Os they are now (note: support your local girl gang!).

Emily’s got a low key style with high end taste, and she always looking on point without trying too hard. So when she rolled in with second day hair and wanted her hairstyle to reflect the chic elegance of Valentino with a little Marc Jacobs edge, here’s what I did…


  1. Prep hair by going through in sections and spraying the roots with R+Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo wherever the hair is oily. 
  2. Clean up the natural part with a tail comb and smooth over with some of Bumble and Bumble’s Brilliantine smoothing creme
  3. Use a fine tooth comb to bring the hair back into a low ponytail and secure with a Blax elastic
  4. Split the ponytail in two. Use your Amika flat iron to smooth over each half, slightly bending both sections in the opposite direction (top half rounded up, bottom half rounded under). 
  5. Flip the top half up and around to create a half-bun shape and secure with two bobby pins going in opposite directions.
  6. Flip the bottom half under to create a similar shape, but set it in a somewhat asymmetrical position to keep it on the edgier side, not too perfect. Secure with two bobby pins.
  7. Once you find a positioning you’re happy with, secure the overall shape with hair pins for extra support. Add a little dab of Phyto’s Phytolisse finishing serum to skim over any fly aways and give an overall smooth, chic finish to the buns.
  8. Be sure to leave the ends out of each bun. Run over them with the flat iron if needed and spray with Macadamia’s Tousled Texture Spray for a firm-hold textured finish. 
  9. Spray the teeth of your fine-tooth comb and the tail of your tail comb with Bumble and Bumble’s Spray De Mode hairspray to run over the baby hairs at the hairline and any other last minute areas that need to be cleaned. 
  10. Enjoy a look that requires no fussing with!


For more behind the scenes looks and #manespiration with Emily Weiss, be sure to follow us both on instagram!

@ashleyrubell + @emilywweiss

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