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Emo Is Back—Relive The 2000s With These Classic “Scene Girl” Hairstyles

The early aughts were an interesting time for fashion. As ’90s grunge and Y2K era trends morphed into something new, we saw the rise of what we called “emo” and “scene.” In some ways, these styles felt rather ’80s metal-inspired, and in others very punk and goth. The black rainbow of emo and scene kids produced a whole new trend, that like its predecessors, worried parents, was featured on the nightly news, and got many of us made fun of. With emo hair on the rise once more, let’s break down popular scene girl hairstyles, accessories, and how to get them.

Emo? Scene? What’s The Difference?

It’s hard to define these styles. Often, people will defend to the death what they think “real emo” or “scene” is. Subcultures offer a community for those who feel different, but can also create a sense of elitism and popularity. If I still had access to my Photobucket or Myspace, I could populate this entire article with photos of hairstyles from emo to scene to goth, punk, and everything in between. I think that if emo and scene kid styles inspire you, you should take what you like about it and run with it.

Common core blocks of the emo and scene kid hairstyles consist of choppy, super layered haircuts with a pin-straight finish, mass amounts of teasing and back-combing, and face-searing bangs with a defined side part.

Multicolored hairstyles were also the norm. If your hair wasn’t black as night and covering half your face, it was likely teased to high heaven and some combo of pink, purple, and blue. Clip-ins offered a lot of flexibility for those whose parents wouldn’t allow traditional hair dyes, but for those who could, Manic Panic and Special Effects hair colors offered a way to create a rainbow of looks.

Raccoon tails, feathers, bows, and kids hair accessories all found a way into emo and scene girl hair. We aren’t sure who did it first, but the juxtaposition of an all-black wardrobe with a giant pink plastic bow was rather commonplace. Often, these large hair accessories were used to secure deep, side-parted bangs while raccoon tail clip-ins were placed around either side of the face.

Emo Hair Must-Haves

Ready to try out some emo and scene girl hairstyles at home? Or revisit your scenester glory days? Thankfully, many of the tried and true styling products we once loved are still available.

Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray: $8.49

This extreme hold hairspray has always been a go-to, and not just for emo and scene kids. With unparalleled hold, this hairspray truly glues your hair into place, helping you create larger-than-life hairstyles.

Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray
(Image Source: Ulta.com)

Mini Ceramic Flat Iron from Eva NYC: $30

Even better? This one comes in mint leopard print. Why not match your iron to your scenester aesthetic? A mini iron will keep each and every strand around your face super straight, allowing your choppy layers to shine.

Mini Mint Leopard Flat Iron from EVA NYC
(Image Source: Eva-NYC.com)

Manic Panic: $13.99+

Manic Panic has been one of the best options for fantasy colors since the ’70s. For decades they’ve been dyeing the locks of punks, goths, scenesters, emo kids, and everyone in between. Manic Panic’s variety of colors will help you create rainbow locks, raccoon tails, chunky highlights, or whatever you desire.

Manic Panic Hair Color
(Image Source: ManicPanic.com)

Claire’s Emo Hair Accessories: $3.99+

Claire’s was always the go-to, and is still the go-to, for hair accessories. From clips and bows to multicolored clip-in extensions, Claire’s has got it for an affordable price.

Feather Style Clip Ins from Claire's
(Image Source: Claires.com)

If scene and emo hairstyles aren’t your thing, get inspired with our 10 favorite early 2000s hairstyles HERE!

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