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DUBAI, ZURICH, MOSCOW: En Vogue Coiffure Salon

En Vogue Coiffure is a renowned, international enterprise, with salon locations in Zurich, Moscow and Dubai. The Dubai location is inside the Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah Beach.Their philosophy focuses on the art of hairdressing, fashion, and diverse cultures that keeps the curiosity alive in all parts of the profession. The Vogue Coiffure offers all hair service including haircuts, color, extensions, treatments and wedding packages.


Ever En Vogue are their line of products developed in Switzerland, manufactured using spring water in Austria. The line consists solely of natural ingredients and is free of preservatives.

“Our profession is one of the best there is. It’s art lies in creating something new from something nonexistent. Trend alone is not enough: people, their disposition and their environment are just as important. Much is predefined by nature and quiet we have much to learn from it. This change in thinking started long ago!” 


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