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WHAT TO BUY: eSalon at Home Hair Color

Love Your Hair at eSalon

You won’t hear us talking about at-home hair color often. In fact, we can speak first hand to the importance of using hair color that is designed just for you and applied with the creative direction of an expert. However, when we heard about a local west coast company called eSalon that created customized hair colors for the consumer, we were intrigued.

eSalon hair care products

Upon learning more, we discovered that eSalon could provide a budget friendly option for at-home hair color services. While this would never replace the guidance of your trusted in salon hair colorist, for women and men who struggle with greys that grow in quickly or can’t always make it to the salon for an all over base color, this is a great alternative option that feels trusted and intimate.

Estelle at eSalon

Through the guidance of Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director for eSalon, in house professional hair colorists create custom formulations based on your needs and photos that you send in when you make a request for color. With more than 20 licensed colorists in-house, orders are reviewed to create the perfect match. The staff has even walked clients through the application process–over the phone and even via Skype.

The formulation is then sent to the factory where your unique color is created and shipped with personalized instructions for at home use. After touring the salon for just an afternoon, we felt welcomed and immersed in their culture of modern effortlessness. The staff at eSalon is prepared to go above and beyond to meet your needs and is available daily to take calls to walk you through your hair color (one of the girl’s even admitted to hand delivering color when necessary!).

eSalon at home hair color

One should also note that Estelle is an accomplished colorist herself, having been trained in France then working at Dessange Salon in Paris, New York, and Washington and Warren-Tricomi in New York. Her expertise has been called upon by Chloe and Marc Jacobs for their fashion shows and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Vogue.

eSalon at home hair color

Most at-home over-the-counter hair colors are taboo in the hair care world as the shades can vary by brand and the ammonia content isn’t customized for your needs (which is why so many box hair colors turn out over oxidized and orange). With eSalon, you can trust that your color is designed with your best interest at heart, without the unnecessary addition of harsh chemicals that blow out the cuticle. Their mathematical and scientific approach to custom formulations ensures that you can be sure your color won’t vary with each purchase.

The Love Machine at eSalon custom at home hair color

While doing your hair at home may seem like a nuisance to some, for those of us who have pesky greys that grow in too soon or need a quick solution for an all over or base color, eSalon is a welcomed alternative for those limited with time or on  a budget.

Visit the eSalon website to learn more.

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