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HOW-TO: Essence Mag Holiday Hair by Derick Monroe

Essence Mag Derick Monroe Holiday Hair

The main fashion story in the holiday issue of Essence Mag features up and coming model Adau Mornyang channeling her inner barbie as she works festive attire, but the mane attraction was her hair! A gorgeous bouncy blowout by Derick Monroe was the icing on top of the classic 60’s inspired barbie cake.

Essence Mag Derick Monroe Holiday Hair

To recreate her holiday blowout, Derick explains…

Essence Mag Derick Monroe Holiday Hair


1. “Blow dry hair with large paddle brush and volumizer at root. A round brush would smooth the hair too much, so I suggest a paddle for more texture.

2. Part hair down the middle and spray Oribe Dry Texture Spray.

3. With a T3 large barrel iron, I created texture alternating curl techniques to give an undefined curl pattern. On one section I would place the air inside the barrel and clamp creating a bevel then going down the section in an alternate direction. On the next section, I wrapped the hair around the barrel to creating a different style wave. Then just alternate between the two techniques all over the head.

4. At the end, flip the head over and spray more dry texture spray and then spray a light shine spray to add polish on the ends.”

PRO TIP: “If hair is too curled after finishing, lightly mist with a water bottle to relax the curl.”

For more #manespiration, follow @derickmonroe.

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