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Everist Is the New Waterless Hair Brand Taking Clean Beauty to the Next Level

If toxins, preservatives and waste aren’t your thing (🙋🏻‍♀️), then meet Everist waterless haircare.

The Canada-based brand—founded by big beauty veterans Jayme Jenkins and Jessica Stevenson—has taken an innovative spin on the hair-washing process, and they invited me along on their launch journey.

After meeting with the entrepreneurs via Zoom and testing the products on my hair, I can tell you firsthand about the developments Everist is making in the haircare industry—and with packaging, too!

The Products

Everist waterless haircare currently offers two products: a waterless shampoo concentrate ($24) and a waterless conditioner concentrate ($24). The duo can be purchased as a set for $46. Both products come with an aluminum rod that helps monitor how much formula you use.

Both products are cruelty, paraben, sulfate, silicone and fragrance-free. They’re also vegan, plant-based and, most importantly, free of water. Because so many hair wash products are made up of mostly water (typically more than 70% of a product’s contents), consumers aren’t characteristically aware of any issues associated with the common ingredient.

Water is a preservative that helps products appear as a much greater quantity than what they actually are. Also, adding water to particular products allows for mold and bacteria to form, which means there needs to be more preservatives added to counter that effect.

Everist prides itself first and foremost on being waterless and entirely free of preservatives (each product is 3xs concentrated solely with hair-enhancing ingredients—which include glycerin, aloe vera leaf juice, rapeseed oil and various beneficial fruit oils and extracts). Additionally, the products are packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum tubes. The packaging suggests you’ll get 30 washes from each product.

The Experience

Everist’s pasty consistency is the first of its kind—as opposed to a traditional water-enriched soapy formula or a solid hair wash bar. After thoroughly drenching my hair in the shower, I was instructed to squeeze a large pea-sized amount of the shampoo paste onto my palm and rub together. Next, I applied the product from my roots to my ends for at least 30 seconds. After rinsing, I did the same for the conditioner, except I went from the ends up to the roots and left on for three minutes (while, of course, singing in the shower as the instructions suggest to do!).

Both products have clean, citrus, earthy aromas. Combined with the bright hints of yellow on the packaging, Everist really feels like the perfect springtime launch. And following in the theme of 2021, the brand also represents Pantone’s Illuminating Yellow Color of the Year.

There’s no denying that the consistencies are an adjustment. Even though I was told from the start not to expect a typical lather, it’s hard to assume the product is doing its job since the hair wash experience you’ve known your entire life is altered. That said, once all was said and done and my hair was dried and styled, it turned out just as it would with any products from my usual routine.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly buy, Everist’s price tag may overwhelm you at first glance—but as noted on the packaging, each tube should provide approximately 30 washes.

That said, if you’re set in your ways of a generous soapy lather, this may not be for you. If you’re on the hunt for a waterless product that still gives you that traditional soap-like lather, a shampoo bar may be more your speed. But if being an “eco-optomist”—as Everist’s founders refer to themselves—is your personal brand, their products are sure to align with your environmental values.

Regardless of anyone’s preference, Everist is making huge strides in the beauty product industry, and the brand has only opened the doors to more clean and eco-friendly innovations to follow.

Everist ensures you’re washing your hair with ACTUAL shampoo, but did you know many products are basically just soap? Click HERE to learn the difference.

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