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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Super Ingredient Bamboo

We love discovering new super ingredients and bamboo is no exception. This eco-friendly, multi-use plant (and beloved panda bear snack) has many different uses, and your hair happens to be one of them.

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Dubbed a “miracle plant,” bamboo is fast-growing, ultra-durable, and can survive in a plethora of weather conditions. When added to your haircare regime, results are pretty much guaranteed. We chatted with two brands that include bamboo in their products to find out what makes the ingredient so special.  

Mineral-Rich Minus Weight

“Bamboo is considered a ‘super ingredient’ because it is full of vitamins that are great for skin and hair,” explains BosleyMD Certified Trichologist, Gretchen Friese. This easily extends to haircare since bamboo is mineral-rich, moisturizing, and strengthening. “The components of bamboo sap can benefit hair by maintaining healthy shine and tame tresses without weighing it down,” she notes. This is because bamboo fibers will latch onto strands, making your hair appear fuller. Bamboo also expands when exposed to heat, making it a great volumizing agent (especially in a root lifting product). 

For those experiencing breakage and dryness, they can seriously benefit from incorporating it into their hair care routine, according to Tonya Thompson and Sharie Wilson, founders of Dream Girls. “With consistent use, you will begin to experience less breakage and notice a shiny luster on the strands.” The beauty of bamboo is that it’s jam packed with silica, which is what makes bamboo grow so fast and so durably. “Bamboo extract is filled with minerals that stimulate blood flow and strengthens the hair follicles, ultimately encouraging hair growth. The silica mineral plays a major role in maintaining the hair’s integrity and health,” they add.

Image via Dream Girls

Incorporating Bamboo In Products

Since it adds tons of volume naturally, Gretchen recommends it for those who need to pump up their locks and those with fine hair. Activated Bamboo Charcoal is added to the BosleyMD Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub, which helps absorb excess oil and debris from the scalp. “Bamboo is great for the scalp,” says Gretchen. “The sap derived from bamboo stalks is a hydrating ingredient. It can strengthen skin and helps with skin cell regeneration. It has been valued for its medicinal properties to heal skin. The sap is rich in minerals and amino acids, so it acts as a humectant to draw moisture into the deeper layers of skin and help maintain hydration where it’s needed most. Because we know that a healthy scalp environment is crucial for healthy hair, this kind of moisturizing can be very helpful for people with very dry scalp,” she continues.

Dream Girls has worked bamboo into their Revival Deep Treatment $34.99 which helps promote growth. “The deep treatment includes Bamboo Extract, Ginseng & Coconut Oil, which work together to create elasticity, strength and moisture,” they note.

In addition to being great for hair, it’s an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. “It can be cut without harming the plant and it regenerates quickly, which makes it a popular choice for anyone who values eco-friendly and green products,” adds Gretchen.

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