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Everything You Need to Know About Kim Kardashian’s Stint as a Red Head

August is upon us, and fall is well on the way.

Cooler temperatures, chilly breezes and changing leaves are just around the corner. Time to retire that summer shade in favor of something a little more autumnal. While fall generally calls for tone-downed tresses, we’re taking a cue from Mane Muse Kim Kardashian and forgoing traditional shades in favor of the bold and brash. While we love multi-dimensional chestnuts and natural-looking auburns, our favorite fall shade is a bit brighter than the norm. Flaming hot hues are the ultimate autumn vibe!

When celebrity stylist Chris Appleton took Kim K.’s strands from espresso brunette to a blazing hot red we were floored, to say the least. While the fashion goddess has rocked a few killer shades back in the day, this fiery color is definitely her boldest move to date. Leaving Kim’s natural dark color just peaking through at the roots, Appleton expertly crafts a grow-out approved, edgy take on the all-over color trend. Her ultra long, center-parted locks look amazing in this fire-engine red. We’ll take these flaming hot locks for fall, please.

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While Kim Kardashian has since retired this red hot hue, in favor of her more traditional dark locks, we definitely aren’t ready to say goodbye. If you’re in the mood to mix it up this fall, a bright orange-red is a major move.

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