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Everything You Need to Know About Silk Weft Hair Extensions

There are few hair changes that provide as drastic a makeover with as little commitment, as extensions. We love the way extensions make us feel like a mermaid goddess in a literal snap, but of course, there are some downsides. Depending on the type of extension you opt for and how you treat it (for instance, with keratin bonded hair) you could actually be causing damage. Tape-ins tend to slide out at random (plus you can’t really use conditioner), and clip-in’s are only good for the day-of. Thankfully, with silk wefts a ton of these extension issues are avoided. We tapped celeb extension expert Rikke Gajda for everything we need to know about the new way to wear it.

What is a Silk Weft?

“Silk wefts are a thinner form of regular, wefted extensions,” explains Rikke on why these are a definite game-changer. “Silk weft extensions have no return hair on them (the short little hairs that’s normally on top of wefts), so it allows for a natural, very flat and comfortable application,” she continues, and this of course separates them from the pack (hair).

Silk Weft Extensions

Silk Weft Extensions

 (Images courtesy of Rikke Gajda)

How to Apply

Application of silk wefts is key. Stylists apply beaded wefts in many different ways, and silk wefts are no different—“you can apply them with any technique you like,” says Rikke. She applies them with less beads and no sewing, “so it’s a lot less bulky and more comfortable to wear, and also less unnecessary work for both the stylist and the client,” she explains. Though people think that silk wefts rely on knotted hair, that’s actually untrue. The hair is simply pulled though the bead—the same as with any other beaded extension application. Again, the difference is that the wefts are super lightweight (and the beads are evenly distributed)  so there’s no damage from too much weight from the bead. “I’ve used this application method for years and have had no damage with any clients. If anything, I’ve seen damage from other clients that have had too many beads and the hair is matting up and tangling at the root,” Rikke adds.

(Images courtesy of Rikke Gajda)

The Up Keep

Although silk wefts are a great alternative to waiting for your hair to grow, don’t forget that they aren’t actually your hair and you have to treat them with extra TLC; part of having extensions means checking in with your stylist regularly. “With my silk weft application method, the maintenance is easy—after about 6-8 weeks you come back in to get them tightened, “ she explains of the 30 min appointment time, in which the beads are simply pushed up.

Silk Weft Extensions

(Images courtesy of Rikke Gajda)

The $$$

Silk wefts might be pricey, but think of them as a long term investment. With good care, the hair can last up to two years—note that after a few tightening appointments the weft should  be taken out and reapplied.

There is no hair type that’s best for silk wefts. If you want longer hair that blends seamless with your own, silk wefts are for you. “Whether fine hair, thick hair or curly, you can get hair to match your texture,” Rikke assures us.

One of the trickiest part of buying silk wefts (or any extension, for that matter) is knowing how much hair to get. With silk wefts, each pack of hair is 100g and how much you buy just depends on the look you’re going for. “If you’re only looking for a little more fullness and a little added length, 1 pack will be enough” Rikkie recommends. “For a normal lengthening and thickening application I would say I use between 1.5-2 packs, and if you’re looking for extra thickness you would need 3 packs. The model in the picture has exactly 1.5 packs!” These silk wefts are such a stunning way to add natural looking length and volume, where do we sign up?

Not sure about why makes each extension type unique? We break it down HERE.

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