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Everything You Need to Know About the Squish to Condish Method for Curls

We stay on the hunt for hair hacks, especially when they’re easy. With the squish to condish method, all you need is water and a conditioner. Turns out, achieving defined curls has been that simple all along. Holly Dear, hair artist and owner of House of Dear Salon and House of Dear Clean Haircare, explains what you need to master the squish to condish method and talks us through each squishy-squashy step.


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How to Squish and Condish

The squish to condish method consists of “utilizing water and conditioner to hydrate your hair,” says Holly. The key is how you handle your hair. You’ll gently scrunch instead of pulling or tugging. 

“After you scrunch in the conditioner and either comb it through or utilize your fingers to detangle the hair after the conditioner is applied, then you add water and continue scrunching the hair to rinse the conditioner instead of running water over the hair shaft,” she continues.

What You Need

Again, this method doesn’t take much. No shopping at the Farmer’s Market or raiding your grandma’s medicine cabinet. “You need conditioner and water source,” says Holly. “If your hair tends to tangle easily, you need a wide-tooth comb or brush. If your fingers work, you can detangle with your fingers.”

This technique is best for anyone who wears their hair naturally and is in need of moisture, aka pretty much everyone rocking curls.

The squish to condish method benefits stem from the extra layer of hydration that gets soaked up by your locks when you take the time to really saturate them in watery, condition-y goodness. “The water helps hold in the hydration of the conditioner and helps the curls climb together in their families and not separate, which causes frizz,” Holly notes.

Immediate Improvement

Results are typical and happen fast. “You should notice immediate improvement just by getting the curls in their proper family formation,” she adds.

Holly explains that starting with good products will help keep curls under control, hack or not. “A good sulfate-free shampoo and hydrating conditioner are key in starting the process and I would recommend the House of Dear Wash and Rinse because of the aloe vera, which naturally helps to smooth the hair shaft and the Rose of Jericho helps strengthen and hydrate. These products are also great pH balancers, which helps to maintain moisture throughout the hair shaft from roots to ends and also balances out the scalp if it tends to be more oily or dryer than the rest of the hair.”

After you squish, brush properly. HERE is the right way to brush your curls.

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