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5 Hairstylists Reveal EXACTLY How Much You Should Tip

Knowing exactly how much you should tip your hairstylist isn’t as easy as it seems. Do you stick with the standard 20 percent? Should you do more? Should you tip at all?

These questions run through our minds during every salon visit, so instead of letting the anxiety get to us, we decided to go straight to the stylists themselves. From Florida to Australia, we reached out to five different stylists all across the globe to discover just how much you should tip your hairdresser. See what they had to say below!

1. Redken Brand Ambassador and Colorist Ryan Pearl Based in Boca Raton, Florida: 20%

“A lot of people don’t know we work on commission and getting tipped is a huge part of our income,” he says. “We all know standard would be 20 percent. But if you went to a restaurant and the food and service were great, plus you had a great experience, you most likely would tip more, correct? The same goes with tipping your stylist.”

2. Hair Artist Jenna Machingo Based in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego, California: Doesn’t Expect Tip

“I think tips are not something to expect,” she notes. “I feel people should tip how they feel. Sometimes getting your hair done exceeds what you thought it would be, but some people can’t drop that big number plus some.”

3. Hairstylist Amy Baines Based in Western Australia: No Tipping Culture

“In Australia, we don’t really have a tipping culture,” she mentions. “The most frequent amount we as hairdressers would receive in tips would be between $10 and $20 AUD. There are a few exceptions where clients may tip upwards of $100 AUD if they are super happy with their service, but generally speaking, they are visiting Australia from another country. A more common practice would actually be to gift. Most hairstylists have an established clientele with who we grow close. For special occasions, such as holidays or even just as a thank you, gifts are given to show appreciation.”

4. MCH Global Hairstylist Daniel Kim Based in Beverly Hills, California: 20%

“It really depends on the service,” he notes. “Typically, I say 20 percent of the total for the services. If it’s a free service, like bang trims and such, I would say $10 to $20 is pretty good.”

5. Hair Artist Alaina Morse Based in Edmonton, Alberta: 20%+

“My general rule of thumb is always at least 20 percent for just any service,” she states. “But as a stylist, I never expect a tip. If someone tips, then bonus. If they don’t, oh well. And if someone leaves a massive tip, you always notice.”

We love when hair stylists share much-needed advice like this, but we’re also fans of them dishing the dirt. If you are too, you’ll enjoy hearing THESE wild salon experiences from five different stylists.

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