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Exclusive Mane Muse Editorial Featuring Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan Tatum is a timeless beauty. With piercing blue eyes, sultry dark hair, and a willingness to have fun and experiment, she makes the perfect model for our Mane Muse April editorial.

With Jake Bailey on makeup and Kylee Heath on hair, we’ve got a power duo ready to transform Jenna in ways we’ve never seen before. “Jenna has such a refreshing energy. She’s really involved in the glam collaboration which makes working together so fun,” says hairstylist Kylee Heath.

jenna dewan tatum mane addicts exclusive editorial

The first look we approached channeled Jenna’s inner romantic. With face framing wisps and an undone chignon, Jenna looked like the soft, feminine, and approachable beauty that she is. Hairstylist Kylee Heath prepped her hair with Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray and Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion, then blowdried with a Croc Green Ion Blowdryer and Ibiza boar bristle brush. When strands were dry, she used a 1 inch Solano curling iron to curl the front pieces away from the face. On the rest of her hair, she alternated between a 1 inch iron and 1 ¼ inch iron in alternating directions to create varying texture and movement. She then gathered hair into a low pony, wrapping hair with an elastic, but not pulling the hair all the way through on the last wrap, creating a minimalist chignon.

jenna dewan tatum mane addicts exclusive editorial

Jenna’s second look exuded lived in texture. To transition from the first look, Kylee blowdried strands to create more lift at the root. She then used a curling iron to reinforce the bend in the hair. To create her airy texture, she misted hair with Oscar Blandi Medium Hold Hairspray while lifting and fanning out sections of hair, then dusting Kevin Murphy Powder Puff at the roots for additional volume. She finished the look by scrunching Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray through midlengths.

jenna dewan tatum mane addicts exclusive editorial

Jenna’s third look was wet and undone. An easy transition from her previous styles, Kylee simply used Bumble and bumble Tonic and Oscar Blandi gel and glossing crème to create a shiny and dewy finish.

jenna dewan tatum mane addicts exclusive editorial

Jenna’s final look channeled the powerful goddess that she embodies so effortlessly. This look was hairstylist Kylee Heath’s favorite as it is unique and architectural. She admitted, “I love the contrast in the look. Some hair is combed down, some is combed up, and I love that there is a bit of texture against the overall sleek feel.” To recreate the look at home, start on wet hair, then separate the front section of hair from the back. Working in the back, use a Mason Pearson brush to gather hair at the nape of the neck, creating a sleek pony.

Not sure where your pony should fall? Kylee suggests creating an invisible line following the chin across the jawline, straight to the back of the head for the most flattering angle.

After you’ve gathered the hair in the back, secure with an elastic. Working in the front, separate a triangular section from the arch of each eyebrow to the crown of the head and pin away. Pull back the sides to meet in the back and secure with another elastic. Twist hair on the top and pin into place, then combine the two sections in the back, twisting to your taste and securing with bobby pins. Don’t be afraid of letting loose strands fall out as this creates the eye catching detail in the completed look.



Hair: Kylee Heath @kyleeheathhair

Makeup: Jake Bailey @jakebailey

Photographer: Mike Rosenthal @mrmikerosenthal

Stylist: Lawren Sample @lawrensample

Producer: Andrea Berk @aaahndrea

2 minutes

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