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Expensive Blonde Is the Spring Color Trend We’re Dying to Try

You’ve heard of expensive brunette. Now, get ready for expensive blonde to take center stage. The hair color trend has been spotted on the likes of Jessica Alba, Chrishell Stause, and more. With spring right around the corner, it’s the perfect hue to brighten up your strands for the change in seasons. To learn more about the expensive blonde trend, we spoke with two expert hairstylists well-versed in the hue.

What Exactly Is “Expensive Blonde”?

The expensive blonde hue is all about dimension, rather than a hefty price tag. Though expensive is in the name, this color won’t break the bank. At least, not necessarily. Emmy-nominated hairstylist Robert Ramos notes that the shade is created with a lot of “fine highlights, which tends to take longer which can make it a bit more expensive.”

However, the draw of the color is the depth it creates and not how rich you look. “It’s color that has soft contrast,” notes Robert. “You’ll still see dimension with the highs and lows in the color, but it’s not dramatic, it’s subtle and chic. This color is in warmer and golden tones. Think sun-kissed, as if you were sailing around the island of Capri.” Time to live out that rich mom fantasy!

How Can the Hair Color Be Achieved?

Hidden Crown Hair and Color Wow ambassador Bradley Leake shares that “many of the hair coloring techniques used to create a lived-in blonde can be used to achieve an expensive blonde.” For all you colorists reading this, Bradley has some tips on getting the expensive blonde your client wants. “It’s all about customizing your technique to create dimension based on your guest’s current hair canvas,” he says. “The goal of expensive blonde is to create depth and more of a soft contrast between color tones for a soft blended and dimensional look.”

No two expensive blonde shades will be the same. Still, Bradley shares a few tips and tricks he uses when creating the color. “To create less contrast between tones, you are going to lift the base color one to two levels for a softer contrast,” he states. “While lifting the base can be intimidating, as many stylists shy away from warmth, it’s the contrast between the lighter highlight and the warmer lifted base color that help to contribute to the overall lighter feel.”

For those of you who aren’t colorists, Robert notes you should ask your hairstyles for “highlights with different tones.” They should know what to do, though it always helps to bring along some pictures as a reference.

If you’re already a blonde, Bradley says to “ask your stylist about adding in some soft honey or sandy beige lowlights to add depth and dimension. Make sure to keep the shades within two levels of one another.”

Does Expensive Blonde Work for All Skin Tones?

We are always curious how any hair color trend will look on various skin tones, as some tend to look better on one complexion over the other. That’s not the case with expensive blonde, Bradley and Robert share. This shade works on everyone, as it’s all about creating a shade that’s unique to you.

“Those with a darker complexion will want more of a warm honey tone, while those with a lighter complexion might opt for more of a sandy beige or creamy blonde,” shares Bradley.

Who Is the Hair Color Best For?

Robert notes that the hue is great for “anyone that wants to change up their color, especially those looking to add some warmth, dimension, and excitement” to their strands.

If you’re looking to cover grays or add more depth to your already blonde hair, Bradley suggests giving this hair color trend a try. “Make sure your stylist chooses a base color that works for you and your features,” he stresses.

What Is the Expected Maintenance of the Hair Color?

Ready to give the trend a try? We do want to let you know that there is a bit of upkeep required with this shade. Bradley shares that “the maintenance on expensive blonde is six to eight weeks. The combination of highlights and lowlights makes the grow-out look more natural than an all-over dye job but is more maintenance than the lived-in blonde looks.” Robert echoes this point, noting that it will “require more visits to the salon” than other blonde hair colors.

Our Favorite Takes on the Expensive Blonde Trend

Photos are always a great thing to bring to your color appointment, that way your colorist knows exactly what you want. Below are a few of our favorite expensive blonde shades. Be sure to bookmark them for inspiration!

Not sure if expensive blonde is the hair trend for you? HERE are seven other blonde hair trends to try in 2022!

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