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The Expert Guide to Short Hair

When your long-hair-don’t-care-lifestyle starts to feel stale, there’s only one thing to do about it: take the cropped ‘do plunge. If short hair is unknown tresses territory to you, we’ve got you. We turned to veteran hairstylist from Nine Zero One Salon Tim Dueñas for the do’s and don’ts of going short. Now, you can face the shears like it’s NBD. Read the full short hair guide below!

Short Hair Do’s

1. Keep it easy.

Shorter hair should be workable, manageable, and require minimal effort. I come from a wearable hair ideology, meaning wake up and look gorgeous.

2. Have a great shape when having short hair.

Make your hair current—look at the trends and avoid shapes and styles that are too A-line or conjure up a decade of the past.

3. Have a good amount of texture.  

Use irons, and products to achieve your dream. Ask your stylist to give you a tutorial on styling options. Even when your hair is effortless you want to have options to dress it up.

4. Make sure the length is still workable for you.

Enjoy the ride up. Short hair is a lot of fun. Start with an intermediate length and enjoy it for a bit. On your next visit, go shorter. You will also become more comfortable with the styling and overall appearance of the short haircut.

5. Stay open to your stylists’ advice.

They tend to have the inside track on what’s trending. Come in with ideas and pictures. But, the best ideas are usually those created by a conversation. Be open to input and your stylist should be as well.

Short Hair Don’ts

1. Think it is the same haircut you had in eighth grade.

Times have changed and you’ve grown up. Also, you have now picked your own stylist, not your parents.

2. Go extreme A-line.

This isn’t a look for everyone, nor is it really trendy these days.

3. Cut your hair on a whim.

Seriously, think it through. Emotional decisions tend to lead to regrets and extensions are expensive.

4. Get a new look that requires too much styling for you to handle.

It’s important to know how to work with your new look. This way, you get the most out of the new look. Enjoy the ride up and ask for tutoring from a stylist. Get something that is a great shape and wears well.

5. Forget to smile.

You have an awesome new short haircut. You look great!

Want to go short but are afraid of getting the dreaded Karen haircut? HERE are some short cuts that won’t have people calling you a Karen!

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