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NEED TO KNOW: Expired Hair Products

March is almost here, and you know what that means… spring cleaning! Well we’re not just talking about dusting your bookshelf and organizing your desk, it might be time to purge some of your old products in your beauty cabinet. Until now, there has never been an easy way to check if your hair and beauty products have expired, because there is usually no expiration date on them.

Kardashian Beauty Hairspray

It has been said that non-aerosol products can have a shelf life up to three years if unopened, and about 18 months after used. This is because once the product comes into contact with the open air and possibly your hands or skin, it is likely to collect bacteria which will break down the ingredients causing it to expire. 

Spraying Hairspray on Fingertips and Hands

The reason why you should be tossing your old liters of shampoo from two years ago, is because it can be harmful to use these products after the recommended time frame. That bacteria being collected inside your products (especially the ones you keep in the shower), can be absorbed into your skin and cause breakouts, rashes, and even infections. Just think what that much harvested bacteria could do if it got into your eye, or even worse your mouth! (Learn from Charlotte in Sex And The City and never open your mouth in the shower!)

Beauty Keeper

So how do you know if your products are expired if you have no idea how to decode those numbers? With the help of an app called Beauty Keeper, you can easily identify which products need to go! The home page brings up four options including “Batch Code”, where you can type in the brand or product and it’s batch code (usually located on the bottom of the packaging). Once you hit the “Check” button it will bring up all the details on that exact product, When it was produced, How long the shelf life is, and the “Best before” date. If you find that your products have gone bad, you can even make a list in the “Replace” section of the Beauty Keeper’s home page as a reminder for your next shopping trip.

Beauty Keeper

This app makes your life so easy when it comes to cleaning out old haircare, and buying new. With the click of a button (or tap on a screen) you can bring up all the info on any product you want!

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