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How to Create an Extended Ponytail Braid

Calm & Collected

Too relaxed on your leisurely travels? Impossible!  Yet, we do understand when your hair cries for something more than tousled waves.  Refine your vacation look with an extended ponytail braid.  Here’s how…

1.  Prep hair with Bumble and bumble Prep Spray.

2.  Apply Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Hair cream.  This is a leave in conditioner that’s perfect for hydrating as well as styling. 

3. Backcomb the lower section at the back of the head.  Clip in Rapunzel of Sweden Hair extensions.

4.  Smoothing hair into a low ponytail (covering the extensions) and secure.

5.  Apply a nickel sized amount of Oribe Supershine Cream and work through the ponytail before braiding.  This will minimize any strays from popping out of the braid.  Secure at the ends.


2 minutes

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