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Want to DIY Face-Framing Layers? These Video Tutorials Will Give You Salon-Level Tips

Thanks to TikTok, everything is done these days by way of DIY—haircuts included. Yep, the faux pas that once got you banned from ever hanging out with a certain friend is now a commonplace practice. Among the most popular topics in this space at the moment is how to cut face-framing layers.

While you can, of course, do the responsible thing and visit your local hairstylist, you can also hop on the digital bandwagon and follow the advice of informative online hair gurus. By way of their own hair or that of a hair mannequin, there’s a universal way to do this. Scroll below for quick clips that’ll answer how to cut face-framing layers stat!

How to Cut Face-Framing Layers

Straight Down and Straight Across

As displayed on this mannequin, the trendy cut is easily applied. Grab your comb, a pair of sharp, professional scissors, and a couple of clips. Then section your hair, add a few straight snips—and boom!

An Inch-and-a-Half Below the Chin

For this tutorial, you should grab a comb with one side of tight teeth and one side a bit wider. Additionally, you’ll want to snag two clips and scissors (the YouTuber recommends premium scissors from Scissor Tech). Also, before putting the tools to work, she advises you watch the video multiple times.

Low-Maintenance Beauty

No fancy frills here! This YouTuber suggests grabbing any drugstore scissors and a fine-tooth comb, taking approximately two inches of hair from both sides (one at a time), and following her instructions from there. She makes a point to say she’s not a professional, but this girl sure seems to know what she’s doing based on the end result.

A Different Approach

Unlike some of the other videos you’ve seen above, Sam Villa is snipping from a professional standpoint. While his approach may be a bit more intricate, he’s very thorough with his explanations. The results will have you making a beeline for your shears.

Face-Framing Layers for Curly Hair

For those with curly or wavy hair, this tutorial will help you achieve face-framing layers on your hair type. All you need is a good pair of shears to expertly cut your coils.

For more DIY ‘dos, HERE’s how to create a balayage look from home!

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