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Keep Your Color With These 7 Fade-Fighting Shampoo and Conditioner Duos

Sun, salt, surf—summer shade fade is a real thing, y’all. Exposure to the elements coupled with frequent dips in the pool can take its toll on even the most top-notch tone. But all is not lost. You can still enjoy the warm weather and keep your summer color—with the help, of course. It all starts with the washing process. These fade-free shampoo and conditioner duos are a simple solution to seasonal shade fade. 

1. Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner: $28-32

Natural hair care savants Aveda have created the ultimate fade-fighting product. This gentle, plant-infused formula features a 100% organic fragrance and shade-protecting ingredients to keep your color vibrant.

(Image Source: Nordstrom.com)

2. Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color: $46-48

With baobab tree extract and Oribe’s signature complex, this hydrating power team provides moisture for parched, color-treated tresses. You can preserve your shade and and maintain your mane for months with this fade-free shampoo and conditioner.

(Image Source: Sephora.com)

3. Living Proof Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner: $29

Amazing color care is on brand for this industry titan. Living Proof’s Color Care duo keeps harmful elements at bay for a longer lasting shade.


(Image Source: Bedbathandbeyond.com)

4. Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner: $60

The hair science masterminds over at Olaplex know a thing or two about keeping your tone in tact. Powerful technology powers these products, linking broken bonds for stronger strands and brilliant shades.

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner

(Image Source: Dermstore.com)

5. Kérastase Chroma Absolu Shampoo and Conditioner: $36-42

Kérastase and cool color go hand in hand. The sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are ideal for cleansing and protecting damaged, color-treated hair.

Kérastase Chroma Absolu Shampoo and Conditioner

(Image Source: Sephora.com)

6. DpHue Color Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner: $26

High shine, UV protection, and fade-fighting agents all wrapped up in one? DpHue’s fade-free shampoo and conditioner really deliver.

(Image Source: Ulta.com)

7. Davines Minu Shampoo and Conditioner: $32-36

Need to boost your summer shade? Salon-favorite Davines makes the quintessential shampoo and conditioner combo, focusing on hydration, shine, and shade enhancement.

(Image Source: Us.davines.com)

Don’t stop at these fade-free shampoo and conditioner duos. HERE are eight products that will keep your hair vibrant well after leaving the salon!

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