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Faking Real-Deal Curly Hair

Curly Hair, Volume, Curls

Most Mane Addicts know their way around a curling iron, and some can even work flat-iron to achieve VS angel-esque curls but can anyone fake REAL curls? I’m talking Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, Carrie Bradshaw curls. As someone with pin-straight, thin hair, I needed this ability and I needed it now. Here’s what I learned…

Savor the volume you already have. I used a curl activating shampoo and conditioner, (Ouidad’s Curl Quencher) and brushed with conditioner in to avoid damp-hair brushing that would flatten things out.

Use Mousse. I doused my hair in a healthy amount of mousse (Bb. Curl Conditioning Mousse), scrunching as I applied it. You need to savor your natural waves as best you can.

Dust off your Diffuser.  Normally reserved for curly-haired girls, a diffuser will use circulate the air from your dryer around the curl, instead of being blown straight onto it. Trust me, you’ll notice a difference and you’ll have a much more voluminous base to work with.

Curly, Curls, Hair,

Alternate curl directions. After my hair was completely dry, I used a small barrel curling iron and wand and alternated the direction I curled in as I worked my way around my hair Also, I started the curls from my scalp as oppose to my normal, cheekbone or chin start.

Comb it out, sort of. Typically, I’ll brush through my freshly curled hair so that it smoothes out and looks more subtle. This time, I used the pick part of my comb and just took apart the curls one by one. It’s alllll about preserving those curls.

Finish with Hairspray. Embrace your inner 80s rockstar and finish the look with a good hairspray, like Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening DrySpun Finish.

Rough it up a bit, we’re going for natural, after all.


2 minutes

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