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These Will be the Hottest Hair Colors for Fall 2017

It’s that time again! There’s a change in the air as the days get shorter and the Labor Day sales are in full swing. We’re familiar with this itch, the season is changing and suddenly your color is starting to feel a little too…summer. We mined Instagram for the best fall 2017 hair color trends to keep you ahead of the class in style.

You can’t go wrong with any of these looks, whether taking locks up a shade to saturated platinum or letting your deep rainbow highlights ease into subtle pastel. For those thinking about going brown, now is definitely the time. Whether your wanting a lighter chocolate or a deeper mocha, this shade will flatter every skin tone as your tan edges away—plus it’s endorsed by some of our fav it ladies. If you already have ombre, take it up a notch (literally) and start the lightest shade, typically reserved for your ends, at your eyebrows. Bronde and flaxen provide a fresh take on blonde fit for fall, and ah, is there anything that says autumn better than finally going red? We are loving the opaque copper that seems to be taking off on every runway, and is just as chic for a walk through the leaves. Take your favorite color to your stylist as September hits, and you’ll be on-trend (at least until spring).

Fall 2017 Hair Color Trends
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It may seem counter-intuitive to lighten up for fall, but this striking color works in all climates. Expect to see more of this glacial tone (and more celebs taking the icy plunge) through 2018.

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Our favorite highlights get a trendy revamp thanks to Koko and celebrity stylist Justine Marjan. Ask your colorist to bring the lightest shade of your ombre palette higher up than you normally would, to slightly above your eyebrows. Keep this tone consistent through your ends for face framing perfection and a glow that really pops.

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Gold is not just for the summer–flaxen blonde is guaranteed to glisten in the warm autumn months and keep you on trend throughout, especially when styled with an S-wave.

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Not quite blonde or light brown, there’s an ease behind these gilded strands that make it standout.

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Catch the light for as long as it shines with this luminous brunette. Pro tip – keep browns glossy with an oil treatments every 3-6 months. Who said brown was boring?!

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This classic color will seamlessly take you from Back to School to Xmas dinner. Brunette is perfect for transitioning your tan as it flatters literally every skin tone, and gives you enough contrast to let skin shine.

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Arguably the best time to go red is the fall, and this is the trendiest crimson of the season.

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The rainbow trend is here to stay but will take on a more parred down, subtle tone for fall.


How do you transition your color from summer to fall? We’ve got the answer here.

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