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Fall 2021 Hair Color Trend Report–6 Shades to Try

Autumn is in the air – and we’re looking forward to cooler weather, lots of sweaters, and of course fresh fall hair color.

Saying goodbye to our summer strands is always bitter sweet. But with tons of trendy new tones on the horizon, this year might be a bit easier. Time to retired those balayaged blondes and brighter brunettes – this season is all about warmer, richer hues. From multi-dimensional bronze to glowing golds, these 6 shades are on our radar.

Check out fall 2021’s favorite hair colors below.

1. Muted Bronze

Take your brighter tones down a notch, for a more natural aesthetic. Muted bronze is perfect for fall. This copper-colored brunette is too good to pass up.


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2. Glowing Gold

Golden shades are on our minds this season. Ditch your all over platinum for this effortless glow.


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3. Strawberry Blonde

When Kristen Stewart debuted her latest hair color on the Venice Film Festival red carpet, our jaws hit the floor. We knew we had to get on this trend ASAP.


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4. Neon Peach

For those who want something a little more showy – boring pastels are out and neon peach is in.

5. Latte Locks

Not into warmer hues? We’ve got a neutral for you right here – a creamy, latte inspired shade is autumn approved.

6. Warm Espresso

Just an ever-so-slight reddish tint makes this deep brunette shade a seasonal sensation.


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