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Celebrity Stylist Vernon François Shares How Your Curl Care Routine Should Change in the Fall

Fall is a season of crisp weather and budding change. Everyone is eager for a fresh look to go with their new wardrobe staples (wool beret, anyone). Whether you’ll be getting an edgy new chop or a rich, warm color, there are a few things that need to change in your curl care routine. That’s why we tapped celebrity stylist, educator, and brand founder Vernon François for the fall curl care tips you’ll need in any scenario. Find out how he suggests you care for your curls this fall below with his expert hair care tips!

1. Always have a nourishing leave-in conditioner or hydrating spray on hand.

Protective styling is key for the fall months. This can include brands, a bun, twists, or even Bantu knots. What’s important is that you shield your strands from the elements in some way. Fall weather has become increasingly unpredictable (especially in L.A.), but you can be prepared for anything by having an extra dose of hydration on hand. Whether that’s a handy leave-in conditioner, refreshing hydration spray, or styling cream, your curls will be ready for anything the world throws at them. Find the right spray or leave-in according to your curl type. If you have looser 2B to 3A curls, you might be able to opt for a lighter conditioning agent with ingredients like coconut oil. Tighter curl types may need deeper hydration, so look for products with ingredients like shea butter or manuka honey. 

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2. Get a trim often. 

This might seem like common knowledge, but more often than not, many forget how vital it is to trim your curls throughout the season. “Chances are, [your] hair has become dry at the ends over the summer,” François shares. “You’ll find that an inch (or more) off at the ends will help reinvigorate the shape and bounce of your curls, coils, or waves.” Getting a trim once a month or every few months will also keep your ends from splitting and reduces frizz.

3. If you’ll be opting for a stylish new cut, invest in a silk-lined cap or bonnet for bedtime.

Everyone loves a sleek fall cut, but for curlies, said cut might require extra care. If you dream of a shaggy cut with bangs and a wool hat, make sure the hat is silk-lined. According to François, a silk-lined cap will help preserve the hairline, minimize friction, and keep moisture in your strands instead of being wicked away by the hat’s material. You can even invest in a silk or satin-lined bonnet for sleeping to really help preserve your curls’ shape overnight. Sleeping cap not your vibe? Invest in a satin or silk pillowcase, this will still help prevent frizz and dehydration caused by fabrics like cotton.

4. Craving a new hue for fall? Fabulous! Just make sure you find the right repair mask for your curl type. 

Curls are naturally drier than other hair types, so adding any kind of bleach or warm color to them can potentially cause more brittleness if you’re not careful. If you have darker locks and decide to go for a cinnamon-y, pumpkin spice look, get yourself a repair mask ASAP. “Your hair will be craving repairing masks, plenty of moisture, and regular deep conditioning in the weeks after your treatment,” François says. This means you’ll need to up your hair mask routine to at least twice a week afterward. Your curls will thank you in the long run.

5. Want to truly give your curls that extra bounce this season? Avoid using heat whenever possible.

We’ve already harped on the benefits of going heat-free with your curl care routine, but it truly does make all the difference. Thank your flat iron kindly for all the cute styles it has whipped up for you over the years and then tuck it away in the cupboard. It’s time to embrace air drying like the true boss that you are. In a rush? We have input. “If you need to use a diffuser to speed up the drying process, set it to a cool or warm heat setting on a gentle flow and not hot,” François says.

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