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These Fall Hair Color Trends Have Us Ready for the Change in Seasons

The change in season almost always heralds a shift in trends—especially when it comes to hair colors. What was hot for summer will be burnt out come fall. Whether you want to transition your summer highlights for fall or what to try out an entirely new hue (toffee brunette, anyone?), we reached out to some of the top colorists for all the fall hair color trends worth trying in 2022. Which shade will catch your eye?

About the Experts

Cherilyn Farris is a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist and member of the Mane Addicts Artists.

Jenna Perry is a New York-based celebrity hairstylist and founder of Jenna Perry Hair Studio.

Tauni Dawson is a L’Oréal Professionnel Artist who specializes in natural sun-kissed color, balayage, styling, and long layered cuts.

Tom Smith is a celebrity hairstylist, presenter, and trend forecaster.

Toasted Caramel

L’Oréal Professionnel Artist Tauni Dawson shares that fall is calling for a softening of traditional brunette hair colors. To do this, she recommends “adding flickers of toasted caramel into the hair to create a subtle but reflective richness.”

Coffee Tones

Mane Addicts Artist Cherilyn Farris notes that coffee tones will be a big trend for brunettes. Think “rich browns with a subtle dimension that mimic the color of cold brew,” she shares. Your hair could use a caffeine boost, especially because Farris points out that this shade is “very flattering and lower maintenance.”


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Amber Balayage

Additionally, Farris says she “sees brunettes going for a heavy balayage look with amber tones that create an all-over lighter look and maintains a soft grow-out.” We’re sensing a theme of low-maintenance shades for all and we can absolutely get on board with that.

Cherry Chocolate

Celebrity hairstylist Jenna Perry is all about the cherry chocolate vibes for brunettes. She notes that it “is a good way to flirt with red for a brunette.” So if you’ve been curious about what life as a redhead would entail, dip your toes into the cherry chocolate waters.


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Mocha Chocolate

For those looking for a more traditional fall brunette, Perry suggests mocha chocolate. Of the hue, she notes that it is a “timeless brunette shade and works with many skin tones.”

Burnished Brunette

Celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith, who is always ahead of the trends, notes that burnished brunette will be a popular fall hair color trend in 2022 for the trendsetters of the world. With this hue, he notes that “there is a continuation of the shine and luster that has become essential when coloring brunette hair with an additional richness and dimension for the new season.”

Obsidian Gloss

For dark brunettes hoping to achieve super glossy hair for fall, Smith suggests obsidian gloss as your hair color trend of choice. “This is for those who want to live their main character fantasy,” he says. Plus, Smith notes that a “super high shine and gloss will encourage your hair to be protected from the fall/winter weather if you opt for the correct conditioning treatments and aftercare products.”


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Golden Tones

As far as fall hair color trends for blondes go, it’s all about adding warmth. At least, according to Dawson. She suggests trying out golden, warm tones to “help the skin look more youthful and add shine back into the hair.” Dawson even recommends “adding lowlights to create depth for a more natural blonde look.” Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that your “natural blonde” isn’t all that natural.


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Barely-There Highlights

Sticking to the theme of faking natural blonde as best you can, Farris mentions that barely-there highlights will be big for fall 2022. “Think face-framing balayage for a sun-kissed, natural look.” She mentions this technique is great for those who “want to try a darker blonde without too much of a color shock.”

Chunky Highlights

On the flip side of that, Farris notes that the resurgence of Y2K means chunky highlights will also make an appearance as a fall hair color trend in 2022. “We’ll see higher contrast, ‘chunky’ highlights that create ribbons of blonde and feel a bit edgier,” she notes.


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French Vanilla

Coffee isn’t only buzzing for brunettes, as blondes can also get their caffeine fix. Farris shares that “we’re going to see a lot of coffee tones with blondes as well—think milky, latte-like, and sandy/beige tones.” If you’re ready to give this fall hair color trend a try, Perry has the perfect shade for you—French vanilla. “It’s the perfect mix of ash and warm tones for a blonde,” she notes.

Barbie Blonde

With the rise of Barbiecore and a Barbie movie coming out with Margot Robbie playing the icon, Smith shares that it’s no surprise that Barbie Blonde is about to be everywhere this fall. “Barbie Blonde is going to be a huge trend for those wanting the brightest shade moving into fall,” he says. “Margot Robbie will inspire a whole new generation of Barbie blondes.”


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Spiced Blonde

Spiced blonde is “the perfect mixture of warmness incorporating gold and copper tones,” shares Smith. If you’re a blonde who has wanted to dabble in copper, this is your chance to get in on the trend without having to fully embrace being a redhead. “It has more earthiness to it and a richness while playing with soft copper tones,” Smith says.


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All-Over Gloss

Natural redheads can benefit from an all-over gloss to boost their color, mentions Dawson. She does point out that “those looking for a bold look this fall can try a deep cherry gloss to spice things up.” Don’t mind if we do.


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The copper hair trend isn’t going anywhere this fall. “Warm hues are very fitting for the fall and I think we’ll lean toward the orange/red-copper side,” says Farris. She says that those who are lighter brunettes can try a “copper-brown hue or tone over balayage.” And if you’re a natural redhead, Farris recommends “turning up the saturation to rock a more vibrant copper or fiery red.”


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Fully-Saturated Bright Hair Colors

Dopamine glam is a trend on the rise these days, especially when it comes to hair. Smith points out that it shows no signs of stopping, even for fall. “Fully-saturated bright hair shades, such as fuchsia, lavender, and peach, will grow in popularity as we get excited by bold and bright hair colors,” he says. “People are also loving bold colors as they can look striking on social media and people want to embrace individuality.”


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Color Blocking

Fall isn’t only for more traditional hues. Who says you can’t have a little fun with your color? Not us, and not Farris. She notes that “pops of color around the face or color blacking” will be a big fall hair color trend and mentions “primary red, denim blue, and apricot orange” as popular accent colors.


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High-Contrast Bleach

Adding a bit of bleach to your bangs is another fun fall hair color trend Farris is loving for 2022. “A high-contrast bleached vertical section on the underside of the bangs is a unique look,” she notes. But whatever you do, don’t try this look at home. When in doubt, leave it to the professionals because bleaching your hair on your own can go south real fast if you don’t know what you’re doing.


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Apart from these hues, we’re loving waist-length box braids for fall. See all the inspo you need HERE!

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