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Chic Fall Hair Trends to Try Now

Fall  is arguably the most stylish season of the year. With all of the Fashion Weeks, fashion parties, and, of course, the chilly opportunity to layer up on fab threads, why not look your best from head to toe? After all, you’re never fully dressed without a chic hairdo! Keep scrolling for ideas on how to upgrade your look this fall.


Gucci brushed out curls

Volume is back baby! (For some of us, it never really left ?) We’re not talking your ‘80s Madonna hair either. We’re talking straight up ‘70s diva kind of volume: brushed out curls, textured waves, thick mane — the works. If your hair is not naturally thick, add a few extensions or clip-ins. The bigger the better!



kate spade low ponytail

Get your ivy league on with this preppy and chic ‘do. This simple look is perfect for autumn soirees and evening affairs. Dress it up by knotting your pony or tying it with ribbon.



Texture is huge this season, with crimped hair predicted to be the most popular trend. Just when we thought we’d never see another crimped strand post-2003, fashion designers brought it back (sans butterfly clips) and it’s more glam than ever.



alexander mcqueen hair jewelry

Hair jewelry is a top trend this year. It seems like everyone has been rocking thin chains and tiny metal rings in their locks.  But for fall, hair jewelry is a lot more bold. Many designers seem to have been inspired by antique and embroidered accessories. This fall, go for giant stones, ribbons, and statement headpieces.



marchesa knots

Knots are making a big comeback for fall. Ditch your usual top knot and go for knotted pigtails, knotted ponytails, or knotted low buns.



moncler braids fall 2016

Braids and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly. This year though, it’s all about the unconventional. There are endless ways to wear a braid.  Looks from Fall 2016 shows like Moncler Gamme Rouge,  Mansur Gavriel, Sally Lapointe, and Marchesa offer a plethora of braidspiration.


What are your favorite fall trends? Let us know below!

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