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Embrace the Earth Magic of Fall By Making These Homemade Herbal Hair Potions

What better way to fully embrace the magic of mother earth than by creating your own 100% organic hair balms? 

Whether you’re looking for an all-natural conditioner or DIY dry shampoo, fall is an excellent time to dig around in the ground for luscious locks. It may sound counterproductive to seek out healthy hair from the elements, but these concoctions will definitely prove you wrong. Keep reading below if you want to try making a few folk-tastic, homemade herbal potions.

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It’s officially goldenrod season, and we’re absolutely smitten with this amber-colored herb! 😍 We partnered with @aforagersfeast to make a goldenrod and pear cordial that embodies this time of year so perfectly – you know what we’ll be drinking this weekend. What's a cordial, exactly? Cordials are botanically infused, alcoholic beverages made for sipping. “Cordial” is derived from the Latin “cordiālis,” meaning, “of the heart.” This makes sense because cordials can lend a warming, gladdening feeling – especially when you sip them by the fire with loved ones. . Cordials often contain fruit or herbs, a sweetener, and a pleasant-tasting alcohol, like brandy or bourbon. They can last up to 5 years if stored properly. Cordials make great holiday gifts, too… hint, hint! 😉 GOLDENROD AND PEAR CORDIAL RECIPE 🍂 About 1 cups fresh, chopped goldenrod flower (or ½ cup dried) 🍂 2 ounces chopped pear 🍂 1 cinnamon stick 🍂 Brandy, to cover 🍂 Honey, to taste Directions: Pack goldenrod, pears, and cinnamon in a clean, 8-ounce canning jar up to ¾ of the way full. Pour alcohol over the plant material and cover by 2 inches. Make sure all plant material is completely submerged. Cover with parchment paper sandwiched between the lid and the jar. Store somewhere cool and dark for 3 to 4 weeks. Shake your jar every few days to keep the plant material submerged. After 4 weeks, strain through a cheesecloth, squeezing out the excess liquid. Add about ¼-½ parts sweetener to the liquid you already have (or add sweetener to taste.) Bottle in clean, dry glass jars, label, and store. Makes approximately 7 ounces. Sip on a few ounces of this delightful cordial any time you need a special treat. It’s particularly wonderful when served as an after-dinner aperitif. Cheers to autumn’s little pleasures! 🍂🍷 . . . #herbalacademy #myherbalstudies #goldenrod #cinnamon #pear #cordial #sipslowly #herbalrecipe #herbalremedy #apothecary #remedy #herbcordial #makemedicine #herbalist #herbalists #herbalistlife #slowliving #autumnvibes #holidaygifts #botanicals #instaherb #foraged #foraging #herbalmedicine #herbschool #fromthekitchen #backyardherbalism #herblove #goldenrodrecipe

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Chamomile & Rosemary Herbal Shampoo

This amazing recipe is flexible, simple and uses liquid castile soap as a base. It also caters to your hair’s individual needs by helping you select the right herb for your concerns. If you’re battling dandruff, you should add raw chamomile. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add some length, rosemary is the way to go. What’s so incredible about herbs however, is that you can also combine them for a super-powered, nutrient-dense elixir.

Coffee Hair Color

Normally, we wouldn’t condone an at-home dye job, but this coffee hair color recipe does the work without all the damage. All you’ll need to make the magic happen is a cup of strong coffee or espresso, conditioner, grounds and apple cider vinegar. Coffee is the miracle ingredient you’ve been looking for if you’d like to go darker or cover a few pesky greys. You may also have to repeat the process a few times for best results.

Herbal Hair Rinse

Hair pH balance out of whack? There’s a rinse for that! You’ve probably heard about the many amazing health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but we bet you didn’t know that it can restore your scalp pH, enhance shine, reduce frizz and help prevent dandruff. Adding additional herbs to the mixture like horsetail for extra strand strength or nettle that’s rich in vitamins can take your rinse far above your average quick-fix.

Herbal Dry Shampoo

We’ll admit, we didn’t initially think dry shampoo is something you could make yourself. However, this home-crafted version proved us incredibly wrong. Using simple ingredients like cornstarch and arrowroot powder, you can customize a version for your hair hue using their chart. For darker colors, you’ll want to add cocoa powder and activated charcoal while red shades call for the additional of things like cinnamon.

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