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9 Natural Hair Trends We Can’t Wait to Try This Fall

Starting a new season is like starting a new relationship—you may not be fully ready but it’s time to move on. It’s time to start anew. It’s time…to change your natural hair. Fall is officially here and while summer 2022 was a vibe, it’s time to get excited about all things cozy, crisp weather, boots, and new hair. We’re here to inspire you with some fall natural hair trends to try in 2022 and beyond. Scroll below for all the inspo you need!

Balletcore Bun

The balletcore trend took social media by storm because of its feminine, romantic aesthetic. When it comes to the balletcore bun, think more “ballet practice” and less “ballet recital.” It’s all about the details like a ribbon or a few face-framing curls that elevate the style and make it a must-do natural hair trend for fall 2022.

Balletcore bun fall natural hair trends | Mane Adicts

(Image Source: Mane Addicts)

Statement Headband

There’s something wonderfully preppy about a headband. The hair accessory has once again made a comeback and is a trend you’ll see a lot of people rocking this fall. Whether you decide to wear it jeweled, braided, or scarved, doesn’t really matter—if it’s bold, it’s right for fall.

Statement headband fall natural hair trends | Mane Addicts

(Image Source: Mane Addicts)

Epic Ponytail

For fall 2022, the ponytail is back—but it’s bigger and bolder. The classic style gets a little help in the length department with the help of an install. This style is chic and is sure to turn heads.

Easy-Breezy Silk Press

With the weather cooling down, silk press season is upon us. The cooler weather means straightening our hair will last more than a day. Gone are the days when going natural meant never using heat on your hair. We’re enjoying our strands and its versatility, okay?


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Short Sleek Bob

Every season, there’s a slight change to the bob that keeps it fresh and fall 2022 is no different. This season’s trendy bob is shorter (well above shoulder-length, grazing the nape of the neck) and is perfect for naturals with shorter hair. Healthy ends make this style so don’t be afraid to trim those ends.


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Copper Hair

The red hair trend on natural hair is here and we are obsessed. While we have seen every shade from ginger to burgundy, the coppery hue seems to be very popular in the natural hair community.

Classic Braids

Look, braids are a timeless style. Braids are the underrated MVP of every season. Braids are forever. While the summer had us looking like goddesses with our boho braids and tans, fall 2022 braids are classic box braids with silky ends.


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Bald Baddie

For many naturals, the bald era of a natural hair journey (for those who big-chopped early instead of transitioning for a while) is one that is not always enjoyed. Next thing you know it’s been two plus years and you look back at photos of your TWA and think “this was cute.” When it comes to hair, there is something so liberating about cutting it all off. More and more people are shaving their heads and showing society that hair does not equal beauty and femininity.


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Y2K Cornrows

The resurrection of Y2K styles is still very much alive if the next trend for fall is any indication. We’re not mad at it because this style was and will always be one of the most flattering for natural hair. With the use of hair attachments (extensions) the front of the scalp is cornrowed while the back is left unbraided either with or without extensions for length.


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