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12 Gorgeous Fall and Winter Wedding Hairstyles

With all the fall and winter weddings happening, it’s about time you nail down your style for the big day. These fall and winter wedding hairstyles will offer all the inspo you need the weddings during the season. From velvet ribbons to baby’s breath flower crowns, these wedding hairstyles are not only unique but easy to recreate. Find the best one for your bridal style now!

Fall and Winter Wedding Hairstyles

Tied Up With Ribbons

Use gray velvet ribbons to section off a low pony for an elegant look.

Hair Bling

Old Hollywood glamour achieved with pronounced waves and crystal accents? We love to see it.

Baby’s Breath Accents

Baby’s breath is a sweet and dainty way to elevate any fall or winter wedding hairstyle.

Veil With Drama

Don’t opt for a regular veil, try something with a little bit more drama and flair.

Sleek Low Bun

A sleek low bun is a classic fall and winter wedding hairstyle that works for brides, bridesmaids, and even wedding guests. You can amp it up with accessories or keep it as is for a simple style.

Knotted Low Updo

We’re obsessed with this wedding day hairstyle. It’s a modern take on a classic and that headband is to die for.

Sleek Middle Part

For the bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest that wants to keep it casual, slick down your middle part in this style.


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Voluminous Ponytail

Depending on where you get married, the fall or winter weather may not be your friend. That’s why a voluminous ponytail like this one is a safe option. It’s tousled to perfection so if the weather tries to make it look imperfect, no one will know.

Plenty of Pearls

We’ve been seeing more and more brides adorn their wedding hair with pearls. So if you want to stay on trend, add some pearls to your style.

Classic Curls

You can never go wrong with classic curls.


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Bejeweled Braid

Dazzle on your wedding day in this bejeweled braid style.

Chic Chignon

Keep it classic in this elegant chignon hairstyle fit for every type of bride.

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