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Does Your Hair Grow Faster in the Summer? An Expert Weighs in

Getting your mane to grow can be a tricky thing. You might have locks that have more luster and length one season and dry, brittle strands the next. We’ve all wondered exactly what factors go into proper, sustainable hair growth and we’re here to tell you summer may be your time to shine. We reached out to expert Dan Hodgdon, founder of vegan hair growth products brand Vegamour to get the scoop. Does your hair really grow faster during the summer? Find out below!

Mane Addicts: Do you think hair really grows faster during the summer months, or is this just a myth?

Dan Hodgdon: Honestly, I think there’s some merit to it. Since most people become more physically active during the summer, they may notice an increase in hair growth. Studies have shown that boosting blood circulation is an excellent way to stimulate hair growth. Another thing to note is the new hair growth cycle starts and typically reaches a peak during the spring and summer months, in comparison to the colder fall months when there is an increase in shedding.

MA: Why do you think certain people experience more hair growth than others during the warmer months?

DH: It’s definitely a matter of lifestyle. The more physically active we are, (dancing, playing sports, hiking, etc.), the more hormones we produce. I always advise people to get outdoors as much as possible and take in all that wonderful, hair-friendly vitamin D. Working up a good sweat can enhance blood circulation which stimulates follicle activity and boosts the rate of hair growth.

MA: What are a few products you recommend for those looking to add some length but may be struggling to gain it?

DH: Not to toot our own horn, but our GRO+ Advanced Serum is a pretty awesome product for those struggling with slow hair growth. This top-selling formula contains CBD which helps to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Most users will see an increase in density by 50% and 76% less shedding in just four months! We also offer CBD-infused vegan gummies that our customers really love. The great thing about ingestible CBD is that it also lowers cortisol so you’re essentially giving yourself this amazing two-in-one product.

MA: Which do you think most effectively supports hair growth—supplements or treatments/serums?

DH: The most important thing is to stick with your regimen to receive the most optimal results. Whether you’re massaging a topical growth serum into your scalp every night or washing our biotin gummies down every morning, you have to be consistent. However, if you had to choose only one product, topical serums are generally more effective as they address circulation, inflammation, and DHT (androgens) issues head-on at the root level.

Whether you choose to nourish your hair from the inside out with supplements or target the scalp directly with a powerful plant-based serum, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re using products that are free of harmful chemicals and hormones. Find ones that are made with carefully curated plant-based ingredients, clinically proven to be effective and safe with long-term use. 

Not everyone experiences hair growth in the summer. Some of us notice an extra bit of strand shedding. If you’re wondering why you lose more hair in the summer, find out HERE!

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