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WHAT TO BUY: Father’s Day Gifts Dad’s Gonna Dig


Stop your “unique Father’s Day gift ideas” Google search right this sec. From hair products to beard combs and swoon-worthy scents, these thirteen manly mane must-haves we rounded up are right up every type of Dad’s alley. 


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If your dad’s bearded and makes more chin touches than you can count, he could use this kinda TLC. Made with a 100% natural good stuff, like Virginia cedarwood, Moroccan rose and ginger, MCMC’s Dude No. 1 Beard Oil is what he needs.



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Irregardless of age, dads deserve sick hair, too. With Imperial’s Premium Barber Grade Matt Pomade, pops can keep his mane mighty polished minus any tacky sheen.



fathers day gift ideas fathers day present baxter of california mens grooming products mens shaving products fathers day

If dad’s old-school, he’s gonna be down with this sleek razor set from Baxter of California.


fathers day gifts hugo boss cologne fathers day colognes dad

A boss gotta smell like a boss. There’s no better way to help your dad get on a new level than by gifting him this. The Scent from Boss by Hugo Boss contains an aphrodisiac ingredient from Africa called Maninka Fruit and with its notes of passion fruit and rum, he’ll be smelling swoon-worthy.



best mens hair products mens styling products fathers day gifts fathers day fathers day present mens hairstyles

It’s time we let our dads in on our best hair secrets‚ starting with sea salt spray. Made with all-natural ingredients like coconut and jojoba oils, this one from Hudson Valley-based Cold Spring Apothecary is the perf starter. It’s paraben-free and sulfate-free so one spritz gets dad’s mane some non-drying texture in a snap.


Foreo LUNA for Men

Guys like gadgets, right?! Obvi. The Foreo LUNA for Men is a dope skin cleansing gadget he’ll dig. It’s waterproof, travel-friendly and rechargeable for up to 300 beauty treatments per USB charge.  Need we say more?


mens beard grooming products fathers day gifts fathers day presents fathers day gift ideas mens haircare mens grooming mens hairstyles beard gang no shave november

We have dandruff, scruffy dads have beardruff. Free your dad of an itchy, dry beard with Honest Amish’s Beard Balm. All 3,500 satisfied Amazon reviewers approve of its amazingness. 


fathers day gift fathers day fathers day presents dad unique fathers day gifts

Notes of crisp cedar leaf, fiery ginger, and cool mint are what your dad’s new signature cologne, Lacoste’s L.12.12 Energized, encompasses. The limited edition scent, which pays tribute to the essence of “the beautiful emotions sport stirs,” has active dads written all over it. 



Fatboy's Boss Dog Styling Cream

Fatboy’s Boss Dog Styling Cream gives such good touchable hold for hair that the company gives you the option to have it delivered monthly. If dad wants equally cool and unkempt hair, sign him up ASAP.



fathers day gifts mens grooming products fathers day presents fathers day mens skincare best mens grooming products best men hair products

He might not know wtf these are, but show him the way to a sheen-free face and he’ll forever be grateful. 



fathers day presents fathers day gifts fathers day dad mens beard products mens styling products mens beard oil beard shampoo mens beards mens hairstyles mens hair tips mountaineer beard

$38 gets you Mountaineer’s Beard Care Kit, which comes with a wash, oil, balm, and brush. This kit is lit for dads with beards or mustaches.



Anthony Purifying Toner Pads

Consider these Anthony Purifying Toner Pads a godsend for your pops’ pores. 



fathers day mens beard grooming mens grooming products beard grooming mens haircare beard oil mens comb fathers day gift ideas

Your dad don’t pop Molly, he rocks Tom Ford. Right? Right. A snazzy Tom Ford beard comb is a must-have for busy, bearded dads. 

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