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7 Father’s Day Hair Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Shopping for a Father’s Day gift for dear ol’ dad is more difficult than it seems. He either has everything or wants nothing, so you’re left utterly confused when it comes to what to get him. Sometimes it’s not about getting your dad what he wants, but something he desperately needs that you know he won’t buy for himself. That’s why we rounded up the below Father’s Day hair gifts. Your dad likely needs to update his grooming routine, so these products are calling his name. There’s something for every dad (yes, even those that are bald) on this list!

Juices & Botanics The Drip Men’s Beard Hair Growth Elixir: $24.99

This elixir is filled with all the nourishing ingredients your dad could need to help look after his beard. He may take care to trim it, but how often does he treat it to a blend of hydrating oils that will aid in hair growth? Probably not often at all.

Juices & Botanics The Drip Men’s Beard Hair Growth Elixir

(via Juices & Botanics)

Mantl The Complete Routine: $79

Even bald dads need to look after their scalp, which we’re guessing they don’t do as often as they should. Queer Eye host Karamo Brown started Mantl to provide better skincare and haircare options for bald and balding men. The Complete Routine set will give your dad everything he needs to care for his lack of hair, making it one of the best Father’s Day hair gifts out there.

Mantl The Complete Routine

(via Mantl)

Fellow Barber Styling Cream: $25

Does your dad have a lot of hair that he needs help styling? The Fellow Barber Styling Cream is right up his alley. Designed for mid-length and longer, this conditioning cream adds texture, shine, and nourishment to frizzy strands.

Fellow Barber Styling Cream

(via Fellow Barber)

Jupiter The Gotta Get Set: $48

Is your dad using the same 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash he’s been applying since dinosaurs roamed the earth? Time for a little upgrade. The Gotta Get Set from Jupiter comes with a balancing shampoo and nourishing conditioner designed to target dandruff and dry scalps.

Jupiter The Gotta Get Set

(via Jupiter)

Dollar Shave Club Ultimate Shave Trial Kit: $18

For those on a budget or with dads who are frugal, this shave kit form Dollar Shave Club will make the ultimate Father’s Day hair gift. Yes, beard hair counts as hair, there’s no debate necessary. Complete with a prep scrub, razors, blades, shave cream, and post-shave dew, your dad will experience the best shave ever with these products.

Dollar Shave Club Ultimate Shave Trial Kit

(via Dollar Shave Club)

Kérastase Genesis Homme Strengthening Hair Care Set for Men: $122

You’re likely a big fan of the Kérastase brand yourself, so why not introduce it to your dad? Their Genesis Homme line is formulated specifically for men and offers everything your dad needs to get stronger hair.

Kérastase Genesis Homme Strengthening Hair Care Set for Men

(via Kérastase)

Bespoke Post Bottle Opener Comb: $16

Can’t decide between getting your dad a new comb or a bottle opener? You don’t have to! This nifty gadget doubles as both. We have a feeling he’ll use it as a bottle opener more, though maybe it’ll be a reminder he needs to run a comb through his strands every once in a while?

Bespoke Post Bottle Opener Comb

(via Bespoke Post)

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